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The Cerealians (シリアル人 Shiriaru-jin) are a race of extraterrestrials that were nearly obliterated by the Saiyans.


Cerealians look similar to Human-type Earthlings, though they all seem to have a green colored hair and have an average lifespan of 200 years, Their right eyes have also evolved to grant them incredible visual acuity, have a merged iris and pupil, which is deep red in color. They spend most of their lives fully grown and like Saiyans their fighting prime is very long.[1]

They use chiaseeds as a form of measurement.[2]


The Cerealians were once the inhabitants of Cereal and coexisted with a tribe of Namekians who settled on the planet after travelling from another realm.

Flayk, a powerful Cerealian warrior after he destroyed Cereal's moon during the Saiyan invasion

Around Age 733, the Cerealian homeworld was ravaged by the Frieza Force and its Saiyan Army. Using the full moon, the Saiyans transformed into Great Apes and annihilated nearly all of the population and their cities. Fortunately, a powerful Cerealian warrior named Flayk was able to destroy the planet's moon causing the Saiyans to revert to their base forms. Unfortunately the invaders were still too powerful for the Cerealian and Namekian inhabitants to handle. The only survivor of the Cerealian race was a boy named Granolah. Unbeknownst to Granolah, the Frieza Force made a deal with its business partner, the Heeters, to ravage Cereal, so the Heeters could rebuild the planet and sell it to the highest bidder. The Heeters successfully scammed a naïve race called the Sugarians into buying the planet after their own world was destroyed.

Ignorant of their true nature, a bitter Granolah became a bounty hunter, employed by the same organization that orchestrated the genocide of his race and directed his hatred towards Frieza and the Saiyans instead. Unbeknownst to Granolah, his mother Muezli was killed by the Heeter Elec after both had been rescued by Bardock due to them reminding him of his wife Gine and newborn son Kakarot. In addition to Granolah, the Namekian Dragon Clansman Monaito also survived the genocide and was the only one still alive that was aware of Bardock's actions.

After learning of Frieza's resurrection, a desperate Granolah used the Cereal Dragon Balls to wish to become the strongest mortal of Universe 7 in order to kill the tyrant and avenge his race. However, the condition of the wish severely reduced his long lifespan to three remaining years. Growing wary of the Cerealian's increased power, The Heeters manipulate Granolah's obsessive need for revenge as part of an intricate plan for universal domination, instigating a three-way battle between Frieza, Granolah, and the surviving Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, so that they will destroy themselves and allow them to capitalize in the aftermath with control over Frieza's army.

As of yet, the Cerealian race will become extinct in Age 780/Age 783.


Evolved Right Eye

Main article: Evolved Right Eye The right eyes of Cerealians grant them special properties that grants them incredible sniping capabilities. However, their accuracy may not always be perfect.

Known Cerealians

  • Granolah (A Bounty Hunter working for the Heeters and last surviving Cerealian after the Saiyan's attack)
  • Muezli (Granolah's deceased mother)
  • Flayk (A powerful deceased Cerealian warrior)


  • The Cerealians name is a pun on cereal, a breakfast meal.