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Cereal (シリアルせい Shiriaru-sei) is the native planet of the Cerealians.


The Frieza Force destroying Planet Cereal

Cereal was conquered by the Frieza Force and the Saiyan Army, who utilized the full moon to transform into Great Apes and annihilate nearly all of the population and their cities. Following this, the Heeters, who secretly made a deal with the Frieza Force as business partners to ravage Cereal, arrived to the planet and began to rebuild it. The Sugarians, having no planet of their own, paid the Heeters so that they could populate there unaware that they were scammed by them.

Genocide of Planet Cereal

During the invasion of Cereal, Saiyan Army sent in Team Bardock which consisted of Bardock, Leek, and Taro. However a male Cerealian named Flayk destroyed Cereal's moon which caused the three Saiyans to revert to their base forms. However the three were still more than enough to take on the remaining survivors.

Fortunately a Cerealian mother Muezli and her son Granolah were located by Bardock who was reminded of his wife Gine and newborn son Kakarot. This caused Bardock to decide to spare them which was normally out of character for the low class Saiyan warrior. Sensing Monaito, a Namekian Dragon Clansman living on Cereal who survived the genocide, he decided to leave the mother and son in his care. Unfortunately Muezli was inadvertently killed by the Heeter Elec, forcing Bardock to fight and defeat his brother Gas.

Granolah & Dragon Balls of Cereal

Monaito was unable to heal Muezli's wounds, but took in the now orphaned Granolah. In order to survive, Monaito chose not to tell Granolah of the Heeters involvement in his mother's death, allowing Granolah to act as a bounty hunter for the Heeters. Unfortunately Monaito never told Granolah about how Bardock saved him, which resulted in the Cerealian desiring revenge on both Frieza and the Saiyans. This would later lead Granolah to use the two Cereal Dragon Balls to summon the Eternal Dragon of Cereal Toronbo which had been created by Monaito to wish to be the strongest in the universe.

Cerealian Survivor vs Saiyan Survivors

This would lead the Heeters to conspire to hire the Saiyan survivors Goku and Vegeta in order to have them fight Granolah. After learning of the Cereal Dragon Balls power, Elec decides to use them to make Gas the strongest as part of their long term goal of usurping control of the Frieza Force from Frieza as their partnership with him was effectively one-sided due to Frieza's formidable strength.

Meanwhile, Monaito manages to intervene and reveals to Granolah the truth regarding his mother's death and Bardock's role in their surviving the genocide. Monaito suspects Goku to be Bardock's son which Vegeta confirms upon hearing Bardock's name. With Granolah now aware of the Heeters role in his mother's death, he joins forces with Vegeta and Goku to take on Gas who had been turned into the strongest fighter in Universe 7 by Elec's wish.

Known Residents


  • Cereal's name is based on cereal, a breakfast meal.
  • Cereal is the fourth planet known to have been populated by Namekians, the first being Namek, the second being Earth, and the third being New Namek.
  • It is the third planet known to have been invaded by members of Team Bardock, the first being Kanassa and the second being planet Meat (though due to Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku being rendered non-canon to Dragon Ball Super by Dragon Ball Minus and Dragon Ball Super: Broly only Cereal is currently canon, however in Toyotarou's interpretation of what happened to the other members of Team Bardock besides Bardock, Leek, and Taro during the events of Broly, he depicts the other members invading a planet that may be Meat with the implication they would be slaughtered by Team Dodoria like in the tv special, though after they had been told via Scouter communication to return to Planet Vegeta by Leek.
  • After Earth, Cereal is the second planet to have its moon destroyed to prevent members of the Saiyan Army from utilizing their Great Ape forms.



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