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Celluza (セルーザ Serūza) is the EX-Fusion of Cell and Frieza.


Celluza has two black sects on his head with a spotted purple ball between the sects, a black tail, black arms up to his wrists, and the Metamo-Ring on his left arm. He has a single black spot on his chest and black plates on his legs. He has spotted Purple Bio-Armor that covers most of his body except his hands, face, and neck.



After Frieza and Cell's failure through Ultra Fusion, the two fuse into Celluza as a last resort. However, Tekka and Pinich fuse together as well, after becoming a Super Saiyan they finally managed to defeat them in a final battle.


It is unknown how strong Celluza is, though he managed to keep up with the EX-Fusion of Tekka and Pinich for an extended period of time before being defeated. It is possible that Celluza is as strong as, or stronger than Golden Frieza (from the time of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’), as Frieza chose to fuse with Cell into Celluza instead of using his Golden Frieza form in the final battle.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Death Ball - Celluza lights a spark of energy on his index finger. Once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small moon and is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent.
  • Death Beam - Celluza extends his right arm and fires a small, thin, very fast and concentrated laser-like beam of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through the opponent.

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