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"Cell, Brought to Bay" (いつめられたセル Oitsumerareta Seru, lit. "Cell, Driven to the Wall")) is the two hundred seventeenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred eleventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Gohan in the foreground, ready to attack. Behind him stand Cell in a defensive stance, and Goku, who is standing stoically. This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1. This chapter is in color, with the cover page having a full color palette and the chapter itself having a yellow/red/green/beige/brown color palette.


Having taken massive damage from Gohan's Ultimate Kamehameha, Cell questions why Gohan has so much power. Still shocked, Vegeta remarks that Gohan fired an even bigger Kamehameha. As Gohan looks up at Cell with satisfaction, Goku tells him to finish Cell off. Gohan, however, says that Cell deserves to suffer more. Goku is completely taken aback by this response, and Piccolo wonders what has come over Gohan. As Cell screams, Goku urges Gohan to end the battle before Cell tries something desperate. Cell quickly regrows its damaged limbs and ascends up into the air.

Having risen higher above the battlefield, Cell screams out that Gohan will pay. He makes himself bulkier, then lands on the ground and tells Gohan he will never lose to a thing like him. Cell attempts to punch Gohan, but misses, making a hole in the ground. He then attacks and misses again. Future Trunks realizes that Cell has made the same mistake that he did earlier, sacrificing speed for power. Gohan then dashes in and hits Cell in the face with a devastating kick. Clearly dazed, Cell stumbles around for a few moments before vomiting up Android 18, still seemingly intact. The Dragon Team watch in shock.

With Android 18 no longer absorbed, Cell reverts to his [Semi-Perfect form. Future Trunks comments that Cell is no longer complete, while Gohan says that this is it for Cell. Enraged, Cell declares that he will not accept this. As Gohan and the others watch in confusion, Cell begins to expand, its body bulging like a balloon.




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