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"Cell's Last Chance" (絶たれた!?セルの完全体 Tatareta!? Seru no Kanzentai, lit. "Interrupted?! Cell's Perfect Form") is the one hundred eighty fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred seventy-ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover depicts Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan Second Grade form, holding Semi-Perfect Cell in a headlock.


Cell is taken aback by Vegeta's claim that he is now "Super Vegeta," but Vegeta can't be bothered to explain, telling Cell he should be more worried about his own safety. Up above, Krillin, who had just arrived, sees Cell's new appearance, and thinking he's now in his perfect form, believes the Shut Down Remote is useless. Cell, furious at finding someone stronger than him, swings his tail at Vegeta, but Vegeta easily jumps over it and sends Cell flying with a kick, then follows up with a massive kick to Cell's stomach, followed by an elbow smash that drives Cell into the ocean.

Krillin is taken aback by how powerful Vegeta has become, then notices Future Trunks, wondering if he became just as powerful too. He doesn't see Goku and Gohan, but then he sees Android 16 and Android 18, who are in hiding nearby. Noticing that Vegeta, Trunks, and Cell haven't noticed the androids, he realizes this is his chance to shut them down. He then remembers Bulma's warning that he has to be within ten meters away for it to work, and he descends, hoping to shut them down without them noticing. He realizes that if those Androids are still there, Cell must not be complete yet, and he notices Android 17's absence, realizing Cell must have absorbed him.

Cell climbs out of the water, breathing heavily. Vegeta points out Trunks, claiming he has almost as much power as him. Vegeta is disappointed that Cell's power turned out to be so underwhelming. Cell yells in frustration, saying that if he could only achieve his Perfect Form, Vegeta would be no match for him. Meanwhile, Krillin is sneaking ever closer to the hidden androids.




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