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This article is about the faction of Saiyan criminals lead by Caulifla. For minor members of the gang, see List of tertiary characters#Caulifla's Gang Members.

Caulifla's Fang is a band of Universe 6 Saiyan criminals lead by Caulifla.


Caulifla leads a gang of Saiyan criminals of which the mutant Legendary Saiyan Kale is a member.

While the gang itself appears in both the anime and manga, it is depicted differently with the only consistent aspects being its leadership and Kale's status as a member.

In the manga, the gang is predominantly female as Caulifla, Kale, and the two other members shown are all female Saiyans. Additionally in the manga, they are shown robbing a transport containing food and jewels for King Sadala, though they end up giving the food to poor children indicating that they are noble thieves. Additionally the Sadala Defense Force tends to stay out of the gang's territory presumably due to Caulifla's power (and possibly Kale's though she tends to hide how strong she really is).

Caulifla and a male gang member in the anime

In the anime, the only female gang members shown are Kale and Caulifla herself, with the rest being male Saiyan thugs who Cabba defeats using his Super Saiyan form. Additionally the transport robbery scene is absent, so save for Caulifla and Kale, there is no indication in the anime that the other gang members are anything more than Saiyan street thugs who follow Caulifla due to her power. The anime also implies that personality wise the other gang members are implied to behave in a manner similar to the Saiyans of Universe 7.

Due to Team Universe 6 being eliminated from the Tournament of Power, Caulifla, Kale, and the members of the gang on Planet Sadala were erased as per the tournament rules. Fortunately, Vegeta had promised Cabba that he would wish for Universe 6 to be restored if Team Universe 7 won the tournament, and though he was ultimately eliminated, his teammate Android 17 who was of a similar mindset, wished for all the erased universes to be restored (in the anime this was the Omni-Kings plan all along as the tournament reward of the Super Dragon Balls was actually a test for the surviving Universe).

Known Members

Manga & Anime
Xenoverse 2
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Legends
Fused Members
  • Kefla (De facto leader due to Caulifla's Potara fusion with Kale)
  • Renso (Caulifla's elder brother; anime only)
  • Cabba (where initially hostile towards him in both the manga & anime due to him being a member of the Sadala Army; Teaches Caulifla & Kale how to achieve Super Saiyans)
  • Team Universe 6 (due to Cabba recruiting Caulifla and Kale for the Tournament of Power)
  • Dragon Team - Allies during the conflict with the Core Area Warriors; Android 17 was also responsible for wishing to revive everyone from Universe 6 including Caulifla's Gang erased during the Tournament of Power, though Vegeta had intened on doing so had he won due to his promise to Cabba. Additionally in an altered timeline Caulifla and Kale end up assisting Goku and Vegeta during the Broly conflict.
    • Gogeta - Allies of Caulifla & Kale during the altered timeline Broly conflict until his fusion timed out.
    • Earth's Resistance (Tournament of Time) - During the Tournament of Time, Future Mai creates a faction of the Earth's Resistance to deal with potential threats as a result of the chaos on Earth as a result of the tournament and various individuals participating in it. She recruits like minded individuals such as the pre-Tournament of Destroyers Cabba who Caulifla and Kale briefly mistake for the Cabba of their timeline. Caulifla and Kale briefly stay at the Resistance's base after being recruited to take part in Shallot's Super Saiyan God ritual.
  • Team Beerus - During the Tournament of Time, Caulifla befriends Shallot and he assists her in searching for Kale whom they discover was brainwashed by Babidi using the Dark Ki, though Caulifla manages to break Kale free of Babidi's control. Caulifla and Kale are later recruited by Shallot during his mission to find five righteous Saiyans to perform the Super Saiyan God ritual, though Kale is incapacitated by Buu: Super (Ultimate Gohan Absorbed) so only Caulifla participates as Goku takes the unconscious Kale's place).
  • Team Bardock - During the Tournament of Time, Caulifla and Shallot encounter Fasha and Tora during their search for Kale and Shallot tells them Bardock is looking for them. Fasha and Tora are later recruited by Zahha to hold off the Mastermind's group so Shallot, Caulifla, and Kale can complete the Super Saiyan God ritual. Bardock later joins his teammates as after arriving late.
  • Time Patrol - In a Time Fragment timeline members assist Caulifla in her hunt for righteous Universe 7 Saiyans in order to become a Super Saiyan God but she gets sidetracked when Kale goes on a rampage due to Caulifla leaving her behind cause she didn't want to wake her and them fusing into Kelfa in order to test their fusion against the Time Patrollers that were helping Caulifla. During the Legendary Pack 2 main story, Caulifla and Kale also assist the Future Warrior, Goku, and Vegeta against Universe 7's Legendary Saiyan Broly after Gogeta's fusion times out.
    • Note - In World Mission, SDBH Saiyan Heroine user and Dragon Ball Heroes team Time Patroller Note encounters the game world incarnations of Caulifla and Kale around the Tree of Might and finds the Xeno Turles Crusher Corps have recruited Caulifla and Kale to watch over the tree in exchange for some of its fruit. Recognizing Caulifla might not listen to moral arguments against eating the fruit, Note tries to convince her that Turles can't be trusted. Though Kale is willing to listen, Caulifla challenges Note to a fight as her way of proving she's trustworthy. After Note defeats the pair, Caulifla decides to trust Note leading to the three confronting Xeno Turles and his henchmen. After defeating them, Caulifla tries to recruit Note but she kindly refuses, though leaves on good terms with the two as they leave to train rather than rely on the fruit.
  • Fu - Responsible for summoning Caulifla & Kale to fight Kale's Universe 7 counterpart in an altered timeline of the Broly conflict to even the playing field for the Dragon Team and Time Patrol.
  • Jiren - Summoned by Fu to aid the Conton City Hero after Kefla, Goku, & Vegeta are KO'd in one shot by Broly's Gigantic Roar.
Former Allies
  • Xeno Turles Crusher Corps - In World Mission, Xeno Turles convinces fellow Saiyan criminals Caulifla & Kale to protect the Tree of Might while they attend to some other business. Xeno Turles offers to supply them with Fruit of the Tree of Might which Caulifla is keen to try upon hearing how it can increase the consumer's power, though Kale doesn't trust Xeno Turles. Fortunately, Note is able to convince Caulifla that Xeno Turles cannot be trusted causing her to sever ties with Xeno Turles and his Crusher Corps.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Tuffle Neo Machine Mutant twins, Kamin and Oren infect the entire Saiyan population of Universe 6 with Tuffle Parasites which includes Caulifla, Kale, and their fellow gang members.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Caulifla ends up recruiting two Combatants she and Shallot defeat to assist them in their search for Kale. Additionally, Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Kale (Assist) appears with SSJ2 Caulifla acting as the main playable character while Super Saiyan 2 Kale acting as an assist character who fights alongside her when using certain Arts.

As part of the Legendary Pack 2 DLC, Caulifla (Super Saiyan 2) and Kale (Super Saiyan 2) are added as playable DLC characters Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Additionally during an Ultimate Finish in New Parallel Quest: "Learning About Fusion", Caulifla will appear with Majin Buu to spar with the Time Patrol, Kale, and a confused Ultimate Gohan after they defeat Kid Buu. Caulifla explains she encountered him earlier and defeated him, effectively recruiting him to her team after hearing how he wanted to get stronger for some guy named Hercule (due to being from Universe 6, Caulifla had never heard of Hercule before meeting Buu). Caulifla ignores Gohan's assertion that Buu is dangerous (as he is more familiar Good Buu's Innocent Buu incarnation and is unaware of his friendship with Hercule) lets Majin Buu join in on the "fun" forcing the Time Patrol to defeat both her and Buu. If they are successful (as being defeated during a Ultimate Finish still counts as clearing the quest), Caulifla tells Kale to come with her so they can train thus she will have to learn about Metamoran Fusion (the original reason Vados sent her to Earth during the Majin Buu conflict with Caulifla following her) with Good Buu's fate left ambiguous.



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