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Catopesra The Final Mission (カトペスラ・ザ・ファイナルミッション Katopesura Za Fainaru Misshon) is an Energy Wave used by Catopesra. It is a more powerful variation of Finger Beam and according to himself it is one of his most powerful attacks.


Catopesra used this technique against Vegeta during Tournament of Power while being in his Ultimate Mode. During the struggle against Super Saiyan Vegeta's Final Flash, this attack was capable of holding it off for a few seconds, however it ultimately lost.

Video Game Appearances

Catopesra The Final Mission appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes as Catopesra's Super Attack. Here he is capable of doing it in his base form, and instead of firing the blast from his finger, he uses both of his hands to fire it.


  • After winning the Energy Clash against Catopesra with Final Flash, Vegeta commented that his attack looked more like a "final" technique compared to this.


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