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|Race =
|Race =
|Gender = Male
|Gender = Male
|Mentors [[South Kai]]
|Mentors = [[South Kai]]
{{nihongo|'''Caterpy'''|キャタピー|''Kyatapī''}} is a [[caterpillar]]-like alien that fought in the [[Other World Tournament]].
{{nihongo|'''Caterpy'''|キャタピー|''Kyatapī''}} is a [[caterpillar]]-like alien that fought in the [[Other World Tournament]].
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===Dragon Ball Z===
===''Dragon Ball Z''===
====Majin Buu Saga====
====Majin Buu Saga====
{{Main|Other World Saga}}
{{Main|Other World Saga}}
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;Dragon Ball Z
;''Dragon Ball Z''
*Caterpy vs. [[Goku]] <small>(anime only)</small>
*Caterpy vs. [[Goku]] <small>(anime only)</small>

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Caterpy (キャタピー Kyatapī) is a caterpillar-like alien that fought in the Other World Tournament.


Caterpy is a giant insectoid being that resembles a caterpillar and has a total of ten arms but still only has two legs. During his fight with Goku, he enters a cocooned state in preparation to undergo a metamorphosis though this was never seen.


Dragon Ball ZEdit

Majin Buu SagaEdit

Main article: Other World Saga


Caterpy performs a Mystic Attack

Caterpy is a fighter from the South Area of the universe. Caterpy is actually not very strong and he tries to get Goku to give up by tickling him to everyone's exasperation (Olibu remarks "South Quadrant must be a very peaceful place"). After Goku hits him, he further displays his weakness by whining about it. Caterpy then attempts to go into his pupa state. As South Kai explains to Goku and the crowd, Caterpy would morph into his ultimate form upon hatching. However, the cocoon would take 1,200 years to hatch, so Grand Kai declares Goku the winner by default.

Caterpy is due to hatch in Age 1967.

Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Eye Flash – Caterpy releases a bright flash of light.
  • Mystic Attack – Caterpy has the ability to extend his arms.
  • Chico Torture – Caterpy catches his opponent with his multiple arms and tickles them.
  • Metamorphosis – Caterpy encases himself into a cocoon to morph into his ultimate form.



Caterpy's metamorphosis

Using a technique called Becoming a Chrysalis in Order to Transform (返信のために蛹になる)[1], Caterpy can use a pupa state to transform and would morph into his ultimate form upon hatching. However, the cocoon takes 1,200 years to hatch. As a result, his ultimate form is never seen.

Video Game AppearancesEdit

Caterpy appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, the enemies called Tumble Bug, Fire Caterpillar, and Caterpillar are modeled after him.

Voice ActorsEdit


Dragon Ball Z
  • Caterpy vs. Goku (anime only)


  • His name is a reference to his insectoid appearance.
  • Caterpy going to hatch in Age 1967 could be a reference to Mothman, who is said to be seen from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967.
  • The Pokémon Caterpie is similar to Caterpy. The episode where Caterpy appears first aired two years before Pokémon was created ("Tournament Begins" aired on August 11, 1993, while the first Pokémon games were released on February 27, 1996).
  • He shares both his Ocean and FUNimation English actors with Krillin.


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