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The Catalan dub of the Dragon Ball anime started airing in Catalonia.

Dragon Ball

Bola de Drac was broadcast by TV3 and since February 15, 1990. Episodes were purchased from AB Distribution and translated from French.

The series in later years was broadcast on 33, K3 and Canal 3XL.

Dragon Ball Z

Bola de Drac Z was aired on TV3 from October 17, 1991. Up to 104 episode the French version was used. In episodes 105-146, the Japanese version was used. Later, television alternately used the French and Japanese versions. Unlike the French and Spanish versions, all episodes were broadcast.

After the cancellation of Dragon Ball Z on Spanish television, it was decided to censor the episodes. Many viewers and even the Catalan Parliament continued to protest and demanded the removal of Dragon Ball Z from TV3. In 1995, TV3 did it but decided to transfer the broadcast to Channel 33.

The series in later years was broadcast on K3 and Canal 3XL.

Dragon Ball GT

Bola de Drac GT was broadcast on 33 from February 9, 1999.The series in later years was broadcast on K3 and Canal 3XL.

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Bola de Drac Kai was broadcast on Canal 3XL from September 19, 2011.


All of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movies, (even including Battle of GodsResurrection 'F' and Dragon Ball Super: Broly) and as well as the Dragon Ball GT TV special, were dubbed in Catalan.

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