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God of Destruction Berserker is a God of Destruction.

God of Destruction Berserker is a playable God of Destruction avatar in Dragon Ball Heroes.


The God of Destruction Berserker is male God of Destruction who resembles a horned lion or goat with spikey red hair and pointy ears. He wears purple God of Destruction attire similar to Beerus' though wears white sleeves on his arms. He has a lion-like Tail.


The God of Destruction Berserker is aggressive as he is the first God of Destruction avatar to confront Note and Beat in the Big Bang Mission (BM5) trailer. He is also the first God of Destruction to face off against Ultra Instinct Sign Beat.

He is seemingly somewhat careless while fighting, as he ends up deflecting Note's energy sphere towards the God of Destruction Elite, however fortunately she was able to nullify it.



In Big Bang Mission 5 (BM5), the God of Destruction Berserker is shown to be stronger than base form Note as he is undamaged by her ki blasts and is able to effortlessly deflect her Energy Sphere. After the God of Destruction Elite negates Note's deflected energy sphere, the God of Destruction Berserker defeats Note by knocking her into a wall. However Super Saiyan Blue Beat proves to be slightly more of a challenge for him (though he is able to block Beat's melee attacks single-handed) as Beat is able to fight with him somewhat evenly to the point the God of Destruction Hero decides to join the fight.

Against Ultra Instinct Sign Beat, the God of Destruction Berserker is completely outclassed as Best effortlessly dodges all of his punches before slapping the God of Destruction away with a backhand strike.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Ki Blast Deflect - The ability to deflect ki blasts. Used to deflect Note's energy sphere.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Makoto Furukawa


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