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Akira Toriyama with his pet cat, Koge (1987)

Carol-Anne Day (born in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian voice actress, actress, and musician who is known for roles in English-dubbed anime. Most of her anime voice work has been for the Calgary-based Blue Water Studios.


Carol-Anne Day has voiced teenage Chi-Chi in the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball. Some of her other Dragon Ball roles include Akane Kimidori, and Valese in Dragon Ball GT.

Some of her other roles include Four Murasame and Allenby Beardsley in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, Yanagi Sakoshita and Mifuyu Mikagami in Flame of Recca, Fiona Elisi Linette in Zoids: Chaotic Century, Mai Tokiha in Mai-HiME, Mutsumi Akiyoshi in Hoop Days, Marsha Rizarov in the DICE anime and video game, and Menchi in Hunter x Hunter.

Aside from voice acting, she put a band together with Oksana Porteous, Andrew Kobewka and Graham Pendray called Bellewether.

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