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The caretakers of Sugoroku Space are a group of incredibly powerful beings who control the games that go on in Sugoroku Space.


Dragon Ball GT

Baby Saga

Main article: Baby Saga After Goku revealed that Sugoro had been cheating in the Sugoroko Space games, the caretakers turned the environment red and dark and after discussing amongst each other, they spoke directly to Goku and the two Space Lemurs by creating giant cracks in the sky. The caretakers decided that they would complete obliterate the Sugoroku Space section where Goku and Sugoro had been competing in order to remove any cheating.


Within Sugoroku Space the caretakers were extremely powerful; they had supreme power over the realm and were capable of removing the powers of the likes of even Goku. They could also influence the environment, even creating multiple mouths in the sky to talk through, and could destroy entire parts of Sugoroku Space merely by deciding that they wished to.