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"You will soon learn that I am not a man with whom to toy."
— "Roshi Surprise"

Captain Dark, also known as Dock (ドック Dokku) in the original Japanese version, is an obese soldier who works for General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army.



Captain Dark goes to Kame House

Captain Dark is a soldier in the Red Ribbon Army, and subordinate to General Blue when he makes an appearance early in the General Blue Saga of Dragon Ball. While he goes by the title of lieutenant in his first appearance, it is likely that the title of captain by which Dark is referred to in his second appearance is more accurate. He is obese, which General Blue disapproves of (at least in the Anime), and carries a whip which he uses to enforce his very strict mannerisms. Still, Dark is shown to be fairly easy-going, which results in his being the first in the General Blue regiment to be defeated.


Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]


Captain Dark attacks with a whip

When General Blue assigns his unit into two "companies", Captain Dark is granted control of "Company B". His team travels the ocean to Kame House, where their mission is to capture Master Roshi and confiscate one of the Dragon Radars they are under the impression he has invented (although this respect goes to Bulma). When Dark asserts that he cannot divulge any information or the Dragon Radar through Roshi, he prepares to use force, cranking his whip, unaware that Master Roshi is a professional martial artist and one of the strongest humans alive. Captain Dark is soon defeated with a single punch to his stomach, and Company B's defeat follows soon after.

Dragon Ball GT[]

Super 17 Saga[]


Captain Dark in Dragon Ball GT

Along with countless other Dragon Ball antagonists, Captain Dark makes a cameo appearance when the residents of Hell who had escape to Earth return to Hell in "Piccolo's Best Bet".

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Dragon Ball


  • Although he appears in the manga, he is never called by name. However, his name is mentioned and credited in the anime.[1]
    • Similarly, the manga strongly suggests that he and Company B were merely knocked out instead of killed.
  • The Japanese pronunciation of his name, "Dock", is a reference to the structure of the same name near the shore that handles boats and ships.[1]
    • On a related note, this technically makes him one of the few Red Ribbon Army high-ranking members to not be named after a color, alongside Major Metallitron, Dr. Flappe, General Copper and Dr. Gero, although that being said, the English version of his name, Dark, does refer to a particular shade of color.
  • Freddy Hein, the coach of the Taitans in Dragon Ball Z, greatly resembles Captain Dark.
  • Captain Dark's facial appearance, overweightness aside, resembled that of SS leader Heinrich Himmler.
    • Ironically, due to General Blue's unit having some basis from Ernst Röhm's Sturmabteilung unit (and Blue's sexuality being modeled to a certain extent after Röhm himself), Dark had closer resemblance to Röhm than Blue did due to the former's overweight status.
  • Captain Dark also bears an uncanny resemblance to Andy Reid, an NFL coach.
  • Captain Dark and the Murasaki Brothers are the only major members of the Red Ribbon Army that doesn't appear in the opening sequence of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.



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