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A Capsule House (カプセルハウス Kapuseru Hausu)[2] is a type of house that can be put away and carried around in a capsule. They are entirely self-sufficient, with their own power and water supplies as well as furnishings, allowing them to effectively function as mobile homes. They are usually priced at half a million Zeni.[3]

Creation and Concept[]

The concept of the Capsule House was first introduced in Akira Toriyama's one-shot The Adventures of Tongpoo.

Notable Capsule Houses[]

Bulma's Capsule House[]


The Interior of Bulma's first Capsule House

Bulma's house that she owned when going on her trip to find the Dragon Balls. She camped with Goku in Skull Valley with this house. She lost this house when she lost her capsules in a lake just before arriving near the Diablo Desert.

Bulma's Capsule House in the Emperor Pilaf Saga is Capsule #1.


Oolong's House-Wagon is a form of Capsule House that also serves as a vehicle.

Kame House[]

Master Roshi's house is shown to be able to turn into a capsule which he uses to transport his house from his island to the Training Island to train his students.

Tien, Chiaotzu, & Launch's Capsule Home[]

Tien, Chiaotzu, and Launch's home in the anime.[1]

Bulma's Second Capsule House[]


Bulma's second Capsule House

Bulma set up another capsule in a cave on Namek. The house was destroyed by Vegeta when he was looking for the Dragon Ball that Bulma had hidden.

Broly's Capsule House[]

Broly BR's Capsule House

Broly's Capsule House

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku gives Broly a capsule house made by Bulma along with food and Senzu Beans in order to survive planet Vampa's harsh conditions.

Appearances in other media[]

Video Game Appearances[]

A Capsule House appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu, when saving in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, and it is an item Dragon Ball RPG: Shōnen-hen.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, several buildings in Toki Toki City have numbers on them that indicate they are a type of Capsule House used by the Time Patrol as shops and other facilities used in their Time Patrol duties. This may explain how Toki Toki City is able to be rebuilt so quickly after Demigra's attack as any shops/facilities damaged during the attack could be replaced with spare buildings stored in capsules and/or that the building could be safely stored in capsules during emergencies such as Demigra's aforementioned attack. These Capsules where presumably provided by Future Trunks' Capsule Corporation, which is said to supply the technology, robots, Time Machines, gear, and items used by the Time Patrol.

Live-action movies[]


The Capsule House in the Korean DB film

The capsule house appears in the Live Action Korean Dragon Ball film. The design is entirely different from any shown in the manga & anime.