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Capsule Corporation (カプセルコーポレーション) is a company founded in Age 712,[2] and is run by Dr. Brief, Bulma's father. The corporation is based around, and takes its name from, the Hoi-Poi Capsules (also known as DynoCaps) invented by Dr. Brief himself.




The Atrium

The Capsule Corporation headquarters, which is also the Brief family's home, is located in West City, with its address being WST 3338926 K. The building, and the surrounding area, is large enough to have held the whole of the Namekian race after Frieza destroyed their planet and until they are wished to New Namek.

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Dr. Brief's lab

The building has three floors and a basement.[3] The entrance is the lobby where the Receptionist is and that leads to the Atrium (nakaniwia) where dinosaurs, cats,[4] dogs,[4] and other animals live.[5] The Atrium contains a Sparring Arena,[3] and leads to the Capsule Room.[6] There are also the exhibit room,[6] the Central Computer Room (opened with a Red Access Card), the Security with a small jail, Dr. Brief's lab and workshop on level 01.[7] The Brief family's rooms, notably Bulma's room (where Tapion tells his history to Bulma),[5][8] are on level 02. On level 03, there are the West Tower and East Tower (opened with a Blue Access Card).[3]


Bulma's room

The storage room for Capsule Corporation is where Bulma found the Two-Star Ball before the start of the Dragon Ball story. There is a secret underground basement where Future Bulma built the Time Machine in her timeline. Also, a Gravity Machine[6] was built in the building between the end of the Cell Games Saga and the beginning of the Great Saiyaman Saga for Vegeta's training. It is used by Vegeta and his son Trunks during their preparation for the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.


Due to the invention and production of the extremely popular and useful capsules, the Capsule Corporation is one of the largest, richest and most influential companies in the world. At one point, the Capsule Corporation and the Red Ribbon Army were competitive rivals in the business race, but the creation of the DynoCaps from Capsule Corporation resulted in the Red Ribbon Army losing to it.

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Z Fighters on the balcony

Although Capsule Corp's primary product is the DynoCaps technology, the company also develops and produces many of the items found within capsules. This can be seen by vehicles and other items bearing the Capsule Corporation logo. Using the resources of Capsule Corporation, Bulma and Dr. Brief have created many useful items essential to the Dragon Team, including several interstellar spacecrafts, a Time Machine, and Gravity Machines. The company also produces computers, laptops and different products used for scientific research.


The Capsule Corporation logo

The Capsule Corporation logo is very simple, with just being two letters "C" and the company name. The logo is worn by the Capsule Corporation workers. Android 16 wears the Capsule Corporation logo over his Red Ribbon logo after being fixed by Bulma and her father. In Battle of Gods, it is revealed by Chi-Chi that Dr. Brief is the richest man in the world due to his company and inventions though Dr. Brief himself and his wife were ironically oblivious of this fact until Chi-Chi pointed it out to Mr. Satan when he mistook Dr. Brief for one of the catering staff at Bulma's birthday party. In Dragon Ball Super and Resurrection ‘F’, a female employee named Staff appears as one of the workers at the Capsule Corporation and during the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, interrupted Vegeta's gravity training in to inform him he had a phone call from Bulma whom was angry at Vegeta for missing her birthday party on the Princess Bulma.

In Dragon Ball GT, Trunks is seen as the president of Capsule Corporation. Capsule Corporation also appears in the live-action movie Dragonball Evolution. In the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Capsule Corporation is the company that created the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes: a Capsule Corporation arcade is located in Satan City, and it is where the Capsule Corporation battle guide Sora and the Capsule Corporation engineer Yoshito-kun work.

Video Game Appearances

Capsule Corporation is attacked by the Rabbit Mob in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden. The building can be visited in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. In those three video games, the Capsule Corp. logo indicates a save point.


Bulma's house in Buu's Fury

In The Legacy of Goku II, Panchy is found on level 02 and gives cookies which restore the health of the Z Fighters for free. Gohan gets a scouter there after obtaining what Bulma needed to get it to work from Bucky at Circuit Shack, the West City electronics store. An optional side-quest has Gohan tracking down a spy in Capsule Corporation, Newman from Pod Corporation, one of Capsule Corporation's major competitor, who was in the West Tower trying to find the formula that Dr. Brief was using to create the capsules. Also in this game, the Z Fighters can confront Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan in the Sparring Arena.

The Capsule Corporation are is one of the ten locations in the board game The Heroic Dragon Ball Z Adventure Game.

The Capsule Corp HQ also appears in West City at the time of Dragon Ball Online, and was originally where Chow and Long worked at before joining Paella in Age 995. Capsule Corporation is a map in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, and appears in cutscenes in Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2, Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, and Supersonic Warriors series.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Capsule Corporation is one of the many places that has been transported into the Timespace Rift and is implied to be from the Dragon Ball Super timeline. It can be found in Area 1F of the Timespace Rift. Tekka and Pinich travel here shortly after they are sucked the Timespace Rift and meet Bulma who tells them about the Timespace Rift and Timespace Tournament, as well as supplying Tekka with the robotic Timespace Radar, Ziku. The Capsule Corp building contains several points of interest such as the StreetPass menu, Adventure Bonus machine, and Wireless Communications. Tekka can also talk to Bulma and rest here to restore Health as well. In addition to the main timeline's Capsule Corporation, the ruins of the Future Capsule Corporation from Future Trunks' timeline can be found in Area F3 of the Timespace Rift surrounded by a barrier that Tekka's Team must breakthrough. After breaking down the barrier, Kid Trunks reacts in horror when he sees it in ruins.

It appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as a battle stage. By Age 850, Future Bulma and Trunks: Xeno restored Capsule Corporation in the Future Timeline (exact year in that timeline is unrevealed) and it supplies everything in Toki Toki City from Capsules, Robots, Scouters, Battle Armor, clothing, and Time Patrol sanctioned Time Machines for Chronoa, Trunks: Xeno, and Time Patrol. Capsules, item materials, clothes, Battle Armors, and accessories can be purchased from Capsule Corporation shops run by various Capsule Corp robots in Toki Toki City's Industrial Sector. There is also a human Time Patroller engineer named Harry who also works as an engineer/technician at Trunks: Xeno's Capsule Corporation and mentions pieces of information about the company in his casual conversations with the Future Warrior. Several buildings/shops found in Toki Toki City are numbered, indicating they are actually in fact a type of Capsule House used by the Time Patrol. As part of the clothing options provide by the Capsule Corporation, there is a Time Patroller Suit design for Elite Time Patrollers that is made of reinforced fibers and features a Capsule Corp. Jacket, belt, pants, and boots similar to the clothing worn by Future Trunks when he first used his mother's time machine.

According to Chronoa, the Time Machine created by Future Bulma had an unknown flaw in its design which produces distortions in space and time that create alternate timelines. After tricking Trunks: Xeno into becoming her assistant to atone for his "sin" of altering history (when in reality Chronoa had not outlawed their use until after he had caused the first time distortion in the history of Universe 7 thus had technically committed no crime, though she underestimated that he would actually take her words to heart and become dedicated to defending history to atone for his "crime") Chronoa informed him and his mother of the flaw and using her in depth knowledge of the nature of time and space, she taught them how to fix the flaw to produce Time Machines that do not create alternate timelines which Chronoa later sanctioned for use by the Time Patrol to deal with time fragment timelines produced naturally as a side effect of the Time Scroll based history correction as these timelines cannot be accessed via Time Scroll. Also due to her interest in technology Chronoa often orders new products from the Future Capsule Corporation, though most end up cluttering up the yard around her house in the Time Nest due to her habit of taking them apart to see how they work. Trunks: Xeno tried to deal with the problem by providing her with a cleaning robot, but Chronoa fascinated by it asked it so many questions that it overloaded and Trunks: Xeno simply gave up and started cleaning it whenever he had the time though his many duties tend to make that an never ending task.

The Capsule Corporation returns as a selectable battle stage in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and the ruined Future Capsule Corporation from Dragon Ball Super appears in the background of the Future in Ruins stage. The Future Capsule Corporation from Trunks: Xeno's future timeline of origin continues to supply materials, Robots, and products to Chronoa and the Time Patrol in Age 852. Under president Trunks: Xeno, Chronoa reveals the company developed to Transfer Shop Robots that allow Time Patrollers to teleport around Conton City which was built over Toki Toki City after it was accidentally destroyed when Chronoa created the Dragon when she used her divine powers on the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue to dispel growing rumors doubting the powers of the Gods of Creation like herself and Elder Kai. This proves useful due to Conton City's traffic laws concerning Flight and the sheer size of Conton City which is much larger than Toki Toki City.

Additionally various color customizable outfits can be acquired featuring the Future Capsule Corporation logo (which is a slightly different logo from the older one on Future Trunks' CC Jacket and Time Patroller Suit as it lacks the Capsule Corp name at the bottom and one "C" is blue). These outfits all feature (CC) in their names to denote they feature the Capsule Corp logo. It also produces Vehicle Capsule #315 which can be used by Time Patrollers to travel around Conton City faster than on foot (though not as fast as Flight or instantaneous as the Transfer Shop System) and features Capsule Corp. written on two egg-like protrusions on its sides. Time Patroller Suits are still manufactured and pieces of the suit are rewarded to Time Patrollers who pass the sixth and final Advancement Test at the Patroller Academy. Future Trunks' jacket with the sleeves torn off from the Bojack Unbound appears as an outfit as well though due to the sleeves being removed it lacks the Capsule Corp logo though it is presumably still made by the Capsule Corporation like the CC Jacket. Future Trunks (DB Super)'s jacket appears as an outfit as well and when the upper body portion is worn with the Future Trunks' Sword accessory the sheath's strap will appear as well.

Bulma from the Dragon Ball Super timeline also visits Conton City with Trunks, Goten, and Vegeta using data she collects to create Hero Figures and the Hero Colosseum battle simulator as a game where people can use Hero Figures representing historical fighters to battle.

Turles places a Distorted Time Egg created by Towa in one of her failed attempts at replicating Tokitoki's Egg artificially, inside the grounds of the Capsule Corporation causing it to be enveloped by a large time rift anomaly which appears in Age 852. Chronoa and the Time Patrol manage to contain it inside a Time Miniature which floats above the Time Machine Station in Conton City while the Time Patrol investigate the cause of the anomaly that created it unaware of Turles and Towa's involvement. After collecting the other Distorted Time Eggs from the four other Large Rifts contained in Time Miniatures in Conton City, Chronoa reveals the Distorted Time Eggs were an attempt by Towa to replicate Tokitoki's Eggs artificially but she failed as they are impossible to replicate. As she considers removing the large rifts a real hassle, notes some Patrollers investigating them have become fond of their presence, and the fact that their sheer size makes them quite stable, she decides to allow all of them to remain thus allowing the Future Warrior and other Time Patrollers to visit the Capsule Corporation in its anomalous timeline allowing them to spar with Vegeta, make QQ Bangs, or simply hang out when off duty.



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