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Candy (あめだま Amedama) refers to any kind of artificial sweet food and is a common food in the universe.


It is most notably used in the series when Innocent Buu was on his rampage, turning many humans into candy. The Ginyu Force often talked about candy, making bets in order to get some.


PP Candy

Main article: PP Candy The PP Candy is an invention made by Bulma to use on Oolong to make him obedient; it is a special type of laxative that induces intense stomach cramps and diarrhea after the affected individual hears a high-pitched squeal ("pii pii" in Japanese, "swee swee" [a noise used by farmers to inform pigs when it's feeding time] in Viz's translation of the manga, and "piggy" in some dubs).

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, it appears under the name Special Candy.and during the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC, there is a Sub Story: "Android Admirer", where Future Bulma requires Future Trunks to collect ingredients Sweet Mango and Purgemint to create her Tasty-Looking Mango-Flavored Candy which is actually PP Candy which she has Future Trunks give to Future Oolong in order to ensure his cooperation in assisting Future Trunks in stopping a male admirer of Future Android 18 from ending his life.

Fancy Chocolates

Main article: Poison

Mr. Satan's offering his poisoned Fancy Chocolates to Innocent Buu

During one of his many attempts to kill Innocent Buu, Mr. Satan gives him a batch of poisoned chocolates. Unfortunately Majin Buu's digestive system was able to handle the poison with no I'll effects, in fact Buu really enjoyed them, saying they taste even better than candy made from humans.

Human Candy

Main article: Transfiguration Beam Innocent Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Android 21, Android 21 (Evil), Majuub, and Good Buu's Majin descendants possess the ability to turn mortals into Candy, which includes both Earthlings, Saiyans, and their hybrid offspring. According to Android 21, their taste depends upon how powerful the individual is, with clones tasting not as good as the originals, and Innocent Buu notes that Mr. Satan's poison-laced fancy chocolates tasted better than human candy.

Due to the nature of their creation, most moral individuals refuse to consume Human Candy as shown when Mr. Satan covertly spits out the Human Candy that Innocent Buu gave him. Additionally Good Buu, Majuub, and Android 21 (Good) all refuse to consume any Human Candy and/or refuse to utilize said ability out of fear that they might be tempted as in the case of Android 21 (Good). Good Buu and Majuub are willing to use the technique to turn villains into harmless candy during their respective battles with Evil Buu and Baby Vegeta, though both attempts backfired (though Majuub took advantage of being consumed by Baby Vegeta to attack his body from within).

Candy Vegito

Candy Vegito

After being turned into a coffee-flavored jawbreaker by Super Buu so that he can be consumed, Vegito is still able to fight as the small jawbreaker candy. Not only does Vegito retain all of his power, but he is also extremely fast, and far too small for Super Buu to hit; thus using an original attack to shoot in Super Buu's mouth and out the back of his throat, unscathed. In the dub, he calls it his "Pinball Attack". However, while this small size gives him a colossal advantage in battle, he is not invulnerable and is unable to use any of his special ki attacks.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Majin Buu and a Majin Future Warrior can use the Candy Beam to turn opponents into a round pink-colored candy jawbreaker. While in this candy state, fighters can fly around normally but are unable to attack. There is also a Z-Soul that has a chance of turning an opponent into candy when they attack the user of said Z-Soul.

"Not very nutritious. It might please Majin Buu a tiny bit."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Candy description
"A nutritious food item. Majin Buu might enjoy it..."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Chocolate description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Candy and Chocolate appear as food items which the Future Warrior can give to Majin Buu to fill up his fullness gauge in order for Buu to create Majin offspring using Fission. The Future Warrior can also give them to Majin Buu's children as well in order to receive items based on the child's color. Interestingly, Chocolate is actually considered a nutritious food item according to its description. The Majin Time Patroller Bentora apparently ate some PP Candy while investigating the Capsule Corporation rift as he got a stomach ache after whistling though he did not suffer diarrhea due to his strong Majin digestive system which is known to be able tolerate Poisonous Mushrooms that grow in Conton City's Mushroom Desert. This also implies Bulma and/or the Capsule Corporation makes PP Candy within the rift's alternate timeline possibly even as a Capsule Corp. product presumably as a laxative for Earthlings that can be activated on command by whistling.

Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) has a Super Skill version of the Candy Beam which can be used by all races unlike the Evasive Skill version.

In Dragon Ball Legends, the 2nd Unique Ability for World Champion Hercule (DBL24-11H) known as Fancy Chocolates! Help Yourself! which can inflict Paralyze and Strong Poison on the enemy after Hercule enters the battlefield.


  • In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, a hidden sequence before a fight happens between Goten and Omega Shenron. Goten dances around and wishes for Shenron to give him candy, only for Omega Shenron to respond "I don't grant wishes for candy!".

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