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This article is about the technique used by Majin Buu. For the technique used by Turles with the same name, see Calamity Blaster.

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Calamity Blaster[4] is a technique used by Majin Buu.


Vanishing 3

Innocent Buu firing a Calamity Blaster

The user fires a simple pink, perfectly round beam (it looks like a sphere when looking straight down it) from the palm of their hand. It can be fired very easily with no charge up or special stance. Its power varies, but the standard version has been used to combat the Kamehameha and an uncharged version used by Kid Buu is powerful enough to completely vaporize the Earth,[5] making it very powerful.


Kid Buu Vanishing Beam

Kid Buu fires a Calamity Blaster through Good Buu

Majin Buu uses this move numerous times in all of his forms: Kid Buu uses this attack to kill North Supreme Kai and in an Energy Clash against South Supreme Kai's Mighty Powerful God Shockwave.[5] Innocent Buu uses a two-handed version on Super Saiyan 3 Goku during their battle near West City.[6] Super Buu (w/ Gotenks absorbed) uses it to in a energy clash against Ultimate Gohan's Electric Kamehameha.[7] Kid Buu also uses the attack in his first attempt to destroy the Earth, but it is deflected by Vegeta's Final Burst Cannon.[5] Kid Buu later uses the move numerous times against Good Buu, each time leaving a gaping hole in Good Buu's stomach that he easily repairs.

Similar Techniques[]

Super Buu uses similar pink energy waves as part of his Human Extinction Attack and as part of his Bring It! technique he uses on Ultimate Gohan.

Kid Buu uses a similar energy blast as part of his Nightmare Impact he uses on Vegeta during their battle on the Sacred World of the Kai.


Video Game Appearances[]

In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, it is named Chaos Detonation and Majin Demise.

In Dragon Ball Online, Wonder Majins can use Calamity Blaster.

In Zenkai Battle, it is named Full Power Energy Wave and used by Kid Buu.

In Battle of Z, Super Buu, in his base and Gohan absorbed forms, and Kid Buu use this attack as their Blast Sparks.

In Dragon Ball Legends, it is named Destruction Blast.

In Kakarot, it is named Calamity Blaster.