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Calamis (カラミス Karamisu) is a member of the Galactic Patrol.




Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga Calamis welcomed back Merus, Irico, and Jaco to the Galactic Patrol Headquarters and inform them of Good Buu's awakening. He then takes the Macareni Gang to the Galactic Prison, and tries to stop the prisoners from escaping but has his Ray Gun stolen from him by Saganbo.

Calamis at the Galactic Patrol ceremony

Calamis is at the award ceremony for Goku, Vegeta, Good Buu, Jaco, and Merus in efforts in the defeat of Moro.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga Sometime after Moro's defeat, Calamis and Jaco visit the Galactic Prison and question the surviving Galactic Bandit Brigade members about a faint distress signal that came from the crater on Earth after Moro's demise. Calamis and Jaco are then questioned by bandits about Seven-Three's demise, doubting his survival. Calamis and Jaco return to Earth and check the crater but are unable to find any trace of the android, unaware that his remains were taken by two other beings. They then go to a town to buy cheese and milk.


  • Galactic Receiver - A communications device worn over both ears by members of the Galactic Patrol.
  • Ray Gun - Guns that fire laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level.


  • Calamis is likely a pun on calamari.



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