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Cabira (キャビラ Kyabira) is a warrior who works for Chilled. His first and only appearance was in Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.


While in the manga version Cabira seems to have gills in his shoulders and legs, in the anime adaption Cabira looks more like a reptile.



Cabira is a soldier of the Chilled Army who existed far in the past. At one point he and Tobi attacked Planet Plant on Chilled's orders.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

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Episode of Bardock[]


Cabira on Planet Plant in the Episode of Bardock anime

Cabira is sent to Planet Plant along with his comrade Tobi to conquer it. However, Bardock, who is on the planet, kills Cabira with a roundhouse kick to his face (manga version) and kills Tobi shortly afterward. In the anime adaptation, Cabira is killed with one powerful punch to his stomach instead of a roundhouse kick.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]


  • Ray Gun – A beam attack blaster weapon. Used in the anime version of Episode of Bardock and Dokkan Battle only.

Video Game Appearances[]

Cabira makes his debut in a video game in Dokkan Battle, where he appears as a non-playable boss.

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  • Cabira's name is a corruption of the Japanese pronunciation of "caviar" (キャビア, kyabia).


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