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C-6 (万能カプセルロボットC6号, Ban'nō Kapuseru Robotto C 6-gō) is an SSS-type almighty Capsule Corporation robot C-6[1] that appears in the filler Dragon Ball Z episode "The Strangest Robot".


Robot 02

Gohan fixes C-6's sight

Gohan met C-6 in the Nemuria Ruins he had fallen into, was buried in the sand. It is quite an old model robot, but it has the thought process of humans such as compassion and thoughts of self-sacrifice. Although it entered the cave for archaeological evacuation, the ceiling collapsed during its investigation and C-6 was buried in the sand for 80 years.

C-6 tells Gohan not to interrupt his sleep, but despite his resistance, Gohan wakes him several times. Due to troubles with its sensor, it had lost its sight, but its sight was restored thanks to Gohan's repairs. As the robot looks after Gohan, it begins to open up to him. However, as soon as Gohan starts digging through the sand to allow both of them to escape the ruins, the fragile ceiling starts to crumble. He sacrifices himself by using all of his remaining battery energy to help Gohan escape the ruins.

Gohan and the Robot

Gohan and C-6

C-6 later appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. It is revealed that he was still in the ancient ruins a year and a half later, but with a dead battery. Gohan promptly finds a new battery for him, but he cannot free him from the rubble atop him so he decides to leave the robot there. Gohan then meets up with Piccolo again, and leaves the robot and Nemuria Ruins.


  • The time frame given for the robot creates a plot hole regarding the Capsule Corporation. In the episode, it says that the robot has been buried for at least 80 years, implying that as a Capsule Corporation robot, the company must have existed that long ago. However, it has been stated that Bulma's father was the inventor of the capsules and the entire company, and he is nowhere near that age at any part of the story.
  • C-6 bears a striking resemblance in appearance and background story to another character designed by Akira Toriyama, Robo from the video game Chrono Trigger.



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