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By a 70cm Square Window is the tenth ending song of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episodes 109 to 121. It is performed by RottenGraffty. English is performed by Lawrence Park.[1]

Japanese Romaji

Nanajussenchi shihou no madobe

Kyou no tenki wa hare ame wa satteita

mado wo hiraku riyuu wa tokuni naikedo

itsumo no kono heya to nigosu tameiki

boku wa kowashita

Itsudatte zutto kimi wo omotteita!

Kokoro shimetsukeru reality!

Aitakute itsumo kimi wo omotteita!

Souyatte boku wa susumi tsuzukeru


A 70 centimeter squared window

Today's weather is sunny, the rain is gone

I opened the window, Though I have no reason

The everyday room, and the sighs that pollute it

I shattered them

I was always thinking of you!

The reality that squeezes my heart!

I was always longing to see you!

And I'll continue to forge ahead with that memory

English Dub

A 77 inch Squared Window

Today the sun broke through the clouds

The rain is finally gone

Gonna open up the window for once

No reason, just because

This room has been stained with the sighs

Of everyday regret

Now it’s time to clear the air

Every moment was consumed with my thoughts of you

Knowing in my heart those dreams won’t be coming true

I’ve always wanted nothing more than to see your face

I move on knowing that your memory can’t be erased

Brazilian Portuguese (TV Size)

Eu posso ver da janela, a vida

O dia hoje trouxe o sol A chuva já passou Vou abrindo a janela então Nem sei pra onde vou

Meu quarto faz o tédio reinar E me sufoca o ar Tudo aqui,eu destruí

Não consigo esquecer juro que não dá Essa dor no coração não posso fugir Eu só penso em você e quero te encontrar É com a força dessa lembrança que eu vou seguir


The characters in the tenth ending of Dragon Ball Super with this song, in order of appearance, are:

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