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Buu: The Majin Sagas is the seventh release from the Best of Dragon Ball Z series. The soundtrack was written and composed by Bruce Faulconer through his company, Faulconer Music, and released by Cake Mix Records on August 5, 2003. Trunks Compendium I was released the same day, containing twenty-four tracks.

Track listing[]

  1. "Vegeta Gets Bean"
  2. "Majin Theme"
  3. "Turned to Stone"
  4. "Gohan vs Doubler III"
  5. "Gohan vs Doubler IV"
  6. "Babidi Casts Spell"
  7. "Majin-Vegeta"
  8. "Panic"
  9. "Vegeta vs. Goku"
  10. "Buu's Theme"
  11. "Evil Majin Theme"
  12. "Buu Takes Eyes"
  13. "Babidi and Buu"
  14. "Goku Senses Buu"
  15. "Buu Eats Cookie"
  16. "Mystery of the Z-Sword"
  17. "Buu Takes Punch"
  18. "Buu Throws Worm"
  19. "Triumphant"
  20. "Buu Busts Out"
  21. "Piccolo and Babidi"
  22. "Bad News"
  23. "Van Zant's Ride"
  24. "Old Kai's Dance"
  25. "Scary Buu"
  26. "Evil Buu"
  27. "Road to the Chamber"
  28. "Super Buu"
  29. "Buu Anticipates"
  30. "Kid Buu"
  31. "Goku Trains For Buu"

Faulconer about the album[]

"The maniacal Babidi wielding his evil mystical powers conspires with his minions to resurrect Majin Buu, the most evil being ever known throughout the history of the universe. Babidi's success threatens the universe with extinction.

Yet what emerges is probably one of Dragon Ball Z's most complicated beings. Who is this Buu fellow? The dramatic and musical journey we take through the Majin Sagas with Buu gives us more surprises than answers. The music of Buu reflects his many moods of evil. As he evolves, so goes the music: mystery, terror, the dichotomy of evil innocence, and more. There's over 60 minutes of music from the Buu Sagas on this CD; that's 31 tracks of terror, action, and adventure!

Don't listen to this CD in the dark.... who knows where Buu might be lurking? So watch out.... and please do not get turned into a bar of chocolate!".[1]


  • On Faulconer's own website, Babidi is listed as "Bobidi".
  • Unlike other music albums Faulconer released for Dragon Ball Z, this album cover contains a bit of Buu's flair, the only other album cover offering this is Android 18's (Android 18: The Androids Saga).

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