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Burning Kamehameha (バーニングかめはめ波 Bāningu Kamehameha) is a combination of Burning Attack and Kamehameha used by Adult Gotenks and Xeno Gotenks.



The process of charging and firing the attack

The attack is created like a Burning Attack, and then charged and fired in a fashion similar to a Kamehameha, as a powerful blue and white energy wave. First, Gotenks does the Burning Attack rapid arm movement, and puts his hands in front of him. He then brings his cupped hands beside him, and finally fires the energy wave the same way as a Kamehameha.


In the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Adult Gotenks uses the Burning Kamehameha to destroy Black Smoke Shenron.


  • Super Burning Kamehameha - A combination of Xeno Trunks' Burning Attack and Xeno Goten's Super Kamehameha used by Xeno Gotenks as his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.
    • Super Ultra Burning Kamehameha - An even stronger version of Super Burning Kamehameha used by Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Gotenks in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.

Video Game Appearances

Burning Kamehameha was created and named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Adult Gotenks' Super Attack. Xeno Gotenks has a more powerful version of this technique, called Super Burning Kamehameha (超バーニングかめはめ波). An even stronger technique is used by Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Gotenks, called Super Ultra Burning Kamehameha (超ウルトラバーニングかめはめ波).

It is also used by Adult Gotenks in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Burning Kamehameha appears as the Super Attack for Adult Gotenks while Super Burning Kamehameha appears as the Super Attack for Xeno Gotenks. During the Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2 Five-Star Super Boss Mission "Training with Pan 5", Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Kid) uses Burning Kamehameha as his Super Attack as a boss. Additionally the Burning Kamehameha Accessory allows it to be equipped to any non-Special type card via the Custom Deck. Equipping it to a Custom Card via Card Creation allows that character to use it as their default Super Attack. Burning Kamehameha can also be learned as a Super Attack by any Hero Avatar race or type via a wish to Super Shenron.


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