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This article is about the character portrayed in live action by Emmy Rossum. For the original character, see Bulma.

"Listen, idiot. If I was a Piccolo, whatever that is, I wouldn't tell you. And if I did kill your grandfather, I would have shot you by now."
Dragonball Evolution

Bulma Brief (ブルマ Burumā), called Bulma Enchanto in the video game version, is a character in the 2009 film Dragonball Evolution. She is an adaptation of Bulma, the second-longest running protagonist of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise and is portrayed by Emmy Rossum.


Bulma Brief is the daughter of an unnamed scientist and is herself a research scientist at Capsule Corporation. She later aids Goku after her father's Dragon Ball which she terms a Promethium Orb is stolen by Piccolo through his henchwoman Mai. Bulma seeks the orb as a possible means of creating an endless supply of global energy.

Along the way, she becomes romantically involved with the desert bandit Yamcha and develops an annoyance towards Roshi.

Actor's insight[]

  • "For me, Bulma is an intellectual scientist and a strong woman. I knew [Dragon Ball] a little because the animation aired in the mornings on the weekend in the U.S. However when I got this role, I wanted to know her more so I studied by seeing the anime again and reading the comic."[1]
  • "I'm really enjoying getting to know Joon Park. I'm not allowed to spill any secrets, but our characters interact a lot in the film. If you don't know a lot about Joon, in addition to being an actor, he has a massively successful band in Korea (he writes a lot of the music) and is also a great dancer. Not only is Joon very cute and extremely charming, he's gracious and very down to Earth. We've been trading music, giving each other some of our favorite stuff; he happens to love classic rock. Because everyone's taste in music is so personal, I've found music a very good way to get to know someone."[2]
  • "I've been riding the motorcycle in 4-foot sand drifts since sunrise to get the shot just right. The wonderful, kind and talented Chow Yun Fat is hanging on for dear life in back. We've been doing about 40mph, and over bumpy sand dunes that is enough to make anyone a little queasy. Chow is so kind, so calm and a bit of a prankster (which I love!) and he hasn't complained once. The sand is pretty deep here, and we've had to dig the bike out a few times when it has stalled in the drifts, but the crew and stunt guys and girls are so helpful."[3]

Comparison to the manga character[]


  • She travels with a gun.
  • She has capsules (but only one is seen in the film)
  • She creates a device to locate Dragon Balls.
  • She is very intelligent.
  • She has blue hair (only less in the movie).
  • She gets annoyed by Roshi.
  • She starts a relationship with Yamcha near the end of her search.
  • She tries and fails to use her beauty to fool people (Yamcha in the film, Oolong in the manga).


  • In the film, she is looking for the Dragon Balls for research and to make her famous, instead of searching for them to wish for a boyfriend.
  • In the manga, she has two Dragon Balls at the start; in the film she had one that was stolen by Mai in a flashback.
  • In the film, she doesn't know of the Dragon Balls, but had suspicions that there were more than one, which she calls by a different name, and Goku tells her everything about the Dragon Balls, whereas in the manga, it is the other way around.
  • Instead of having a full head of blue hair, as in the anime, she has only one strand of it. In the manga her hair is purple.
  • In the film, she is less rowdy and less eager to shoot someone with her gun.
  • In the manga, at the start of the story, she is sixteen years old, and four years older than Goku. In the movie, she and Goku are about the same age, at eighteen.


  • In the video game adaption of Dragonball Evolution, she is referred to as Bulma Enchanto while in the live action movie her surname is Brief.



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