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"It's a shame that the tournament has come down to two kids, a guy old enough to be their grandfather, a peasant, and a monster who likes milk!"
— "Monster Beast Giran"

Bullies of the Orin Temple (多林寺の先輩達 Ōrinji no senpai-tachi, lit. "Seniors of the Multi-Forest Temple") are a group of veteran monks from Orin Temple.



They used to bully and beat up the young Krillin when he trained at Orin Temple. It is this that caused him to head to Kame House and receive training from the legendary Master Roshi.

Dragon Ball[]

Tournament Saga[]

During the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Krillin gets back at these men by kicking one (who was Fighter 94 during the tournament) straight through a wall, demonstrating his amazing new strength. The second bully is defeated by Yamcha later on. After that, several other Orin Temple students were beaten by Giran at a bar.

Tien Shinhan Saga[]

One of the Orin Temple students is briefly seen in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament being defeated by Goku in the preliminaries.

Video Game Appearances[]


A Betrayer

The thin one (Fighter 94) is used as an enemy in Attack of the Saiyans. He appears as a Betrayer in the Bamboo Forest, a Pupil in the Divine Crossing, an Expelled Pupil at Mutaito's Training Grounds.

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The bullies of the Mutaito Training Academy


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