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Bubibinman (ブビビンマン lit. "Buzzingman") is a fly-like humanoid superhero who is from the planet Haebunbu.


Early life


Bubibinman as a child on Okakaumeboshi

Bubibinman went to pre-school on Okakaumeboshi with Sourman. Bubibinman was one of the kids who used to tease Sourman for being a coward.

Dr. Slump


Bubibinman trying poop

Bubibinman came to Penguin Village intending to replace Sourman as its protector. When he appears on Earth, he is hit by Arale Norimaki with a barrel. He challenges Arale to weightlifting and Sumo Wrestling and is horrified at the fact that what he thinks is a human child to be stronger than him. Shortly later, when he finds out about poop, Bubibinman tastes it and seems to like it.

He is seen collecting poop on a star-shaped planet in "Zippity-Doo Doctor". While collecting and eating poop on Earth in the chapter "Cute Delivery Boy from Hell", Bubibinman is attacked by the young demon Chivil. He survives the attack, thinking the explosion came from the giant poop he was eating.

He is seen among the residents of Penguin Village running after Arale and Gatchan in "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!" He is a seller in "The Ho-yo-yo Gang, Part 1".

Dragon Ball

In "The Tournament Begins", a billboard with Bubibinman in a blue outfit is seen when Master Roshi and his students arrive in the city.

Later, during the General Blue Saga, Goku meets Bubibinman in Penguin Village. He asks him if he has seen General Blue, but Bubibinman shakes his head to say no.

Dragon Ball Super

During the baseball game between Universe 6 & 7 in "A Challenge From Champa! This Time, a Baseball Game!", Bubibinman in a shrunken state flies onto Goku's slow pitch to Champa and ends up getting hit into space.

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