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Bubibinman (ブビビンマン lit. "Buzzingman") is a fly-like humanoid superhero who is from the planet Haebunbu.




Bubibinman as a child in preschool

Bubibinman claimed to have gone to preschool with Superman, who he claimed was a coward and crybaby, earning him the nickname "Supercrybaby".

Dr. Slump[]


Bubibinman trying poop

After hearing Superman became a hero on Earth, Bubibinman traveled to the planet in order to become a superhero, believing Earthlings to be weak due to this. When he appears on Earth, he is hit by Arale Norimaki with a barrel. He challenges Arale to weightlifting and Sumo Wrestling and is horrified at the fact that what he thinks is a human child to be stronger than him. Shortly later, when he finds out about poop, Bubibinman tastes it and seems to like it. He is seen collecting poop on a star-shaped planet.[1] While collecting and eating poop on Earth, Bubibinman is attacked by the young demon Chivil. He survives the attack, thinking the explosion came from the giant poop he was eating.[2]

He is seen among the residents of Penguin Village running after Arale and Gatchan.[3] He is a seller in "The Ho-yo-yo Gang, Part 1".

Dragon Ball[]

Tournament Saga[]

A billboard with Bubibinman in a blue outfit is seen when Master Roshi and his students arrive in the city.[4]

General Blue Saga[]

Goku meets Bubibinman in Penguin Village and asks him if he has seen General Blue, but Bubibinman shakes his head to say no.[5]

Dragon Ball Super[]

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

During the baseball game between Universe 6 & 7, Bubibinman in a shrunken state flies onto Goku's slow pitch to Champa and ends up getting hit into space.[6]

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  • In Dr. Slump, Bubibinman originally claimed to have gone to preschool with the DC Comics hero Superman. While Bubibinman first appeared in the manga before the character Sourman (known as "Suppaman" in Japanese) had first appeared, in the Dr. Slump anime, Sourman had already been an established character when Bubibinman first appeared. In the beginning of the episode, a parodic version of Superman appears bearing Sourman's face but resembling a more traditional version of the character.
    • It is unknown if the parodic Superman and Sourman are intended to be the same person or not, as Sourman appears later in the episode, but Bubibinman does not appear to recognize him, and the individual he attends school with is still referred to as "Superman" in the opening scene.


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