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The Broly conflict is a battle fought between the Dragon Team and the newly revived Frieza Force following the Tournament of Power. It was mainly fought by Goku and Vegeta against the Frieza Force's new champion, the Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 7: Broly. The conflict results in the Frieza Force's defeat and Broly being sent back to his homeworld Vampa. In the aftermath, Goku and Frieza each make plans to earn Broly's loyalty.


After being resurrected by Beerus and Whis for his participation in the Tournament of Power, Frieza vowed to continue his wicked ways and revived the Frieza Force once again. Shortly afterwards, Frieza coveted the power of the Dragon Balls once more. Realizing that Goku and his friends can sense his powerful energy before even entering Earth's atmosphere, Frieza secretly sends a group of soldiers with low power levels to break into Capsule Corporation and steal the Dragon Radar to find the wish-granting orbs. Kikono informs his master that Vegeta's wife had already collected six of the Dragon Balls and the soldiers are en route to the final Dragon Ball. Frieza is pleased but decides to wait until all seven are secured before heading to Earth. Kikono asks Frieza what wish will he make when they summon Shenron. Although he originally desired Immortality so he could rule the universe forever, after suffering traumatic experiences in Hell, Frieza realized that being unable to die would cause him never-ending misery. After being insulted for his short stature by a group of his soldiers (and ruthlessly murdering them later), Frieza instead desires to increase his height by 5 centimeters and entrusts this information with his closest advisors, Kikono and Berryblue. Kikono asks why Frieza doesn't just use his taller second form, but Frieza insistently wants to be taller in his true form. Kikono finally asks "Why only 5 centimeters?", with Frieza responding that anything more would be "too noticeable".

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