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"Please, there's no need to worry, I swear! Were that to happen, I can control him using this remote device that pumps a bolt of electricity through his body. It's not a strong current, but it allows me to reign him in when he acts out."
Paragus to Frieza in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Broly Control Mechanism[1] is a device used by Paragus to mentally control Broly.[2][3]

Creation and Concept

Broly's shock-collar is based off Broly's Ring from Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.


DBS Paragus' Belt

Paragus' mechanical belt

It generates a high voltage shock that stops Broly when he loses control. Paragus wore the belt on his waist, while Broly wore the associated shock-collar around his neck.[2]


The device is used to restrain Broly when he starts going berserk.[3] He used it several times while on Planet Vampa and once more aboard Frieza's ship when Broly assaulted Daigen. Afterwards, Cheelai secretly stole the remote during an argument with Paragus and crushed it under her foot to prevent it from being used again.

On Earth, Paragus tried to use the device again when Broly was overwhelmed by Super Saiyan God Vegeta and refused to retreat on his command, but found that it was missing. When Broly entered his Wrath State against Goku, the device itself was destroyed by his enlarged neck.

Video Game Appearances

Broly Control Mechanism was named in the 2017 Dragon Ball Super Card Game.


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