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Bota Magetta, also called Invincible Botamagetta (無敵のボタマゲッタ Muteki no Botamagetta) is a technique and a fighting style used by Auta Magetta and Botamo.



Botamo sits on Magetta's shoulders and covers his ears, rendering any insult useless.

Bota Magetta is a fighting style in which Botamo and Auta Magetta team up, which involves talking advantage of their nigh-impenetrable bodies, Magetta's incredible strength, and removing Magetta's deadly weakness.

Because of Magetta's weakness of losing his will to fight at the most minor of insults, and Botamo being not very strong in comparison to the likes of a Super Saiyan, they came up with a strategy to counteract their weaknesses. Botamo sits on Magetta's shoulders and covers the latter's ears, so he can not hear any insult towards him. Even if the opponent tries to move Botamo, it's quite difficult because of the pair's seemingly invulnerable bodiesChampa says that Magetta has strengthened his spirit but it is nothing like that, as pointed by Vegeta. This combination is able to force Super Saiyan Vegeta on the defensive.


In the anime, Magetta and Botamo used this technique against Vegeta in the Tournament of Power. Thanks to this combo they managed to get an advantage over him in his Super Saiyan form, but their fight is interrupted. Bota Magetta is separated when Kale transforms into her Legendary Super Saiyan form and fires indiscriminate blasts at every fighter on the arena.

Video Game appearances

In Dokkan Battle, Bota Magetta is a playable character.


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