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The Boss Warriors[1] are the three strongest warriors of the Organization of Babidi.


Each Boss Warrior guards a different level of Babidi's ship. Pui Pui guards level 1, Yakon guards level 2 and Dabura guards level 3.


Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Majin Buu Saga The Boss Warriors were tasked with individually taking on the Z Fighters whom Shin had recruited to aid him, both to protect Babidi's spaceship and to obtain energy from them in order to revive Majin Buu.

Pui Pui battled Vegeta but was easily killed by the Saiyan prince. Yakon fought Goku but was tricked into eating too much light and exploded. As such neither Pui Pui nor Yakon obtained any energy. Dabura fought last against Gohan, but ceased the battle when he realized that Vegeta possessed evil in his heart and could be manipulated.


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