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Bonyu (ボニュー Bonyū) was a former Ginyu Force member who appears in a short sub-quest[1] in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.


Bonyu is a chubby and busty member of the Brench-seijin race, she has the same hairdo and facial features as Vados, and her eyes have green irises.

She wears the female version of the V-Neck Battle Armor of the Ginyu Force with thigh protection. She also uses a green Scouter of the same model/generation that the Ginyu Force used in Dragon Ball Z.


Pre-Dragon Ball Z

At some point she became part of the Frieza Force as a member of the elite Ginyu Force, however she couldn't keep up with the Ginyu Force's habit of weird posing which she found detestable and asked to leave the group, though she remained a serving soldier in the ranks of the Frieza Force.

Other Dragon Ball stories


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot The Battle Data of Bonyu is inside the Ginyu Force space pod that Goku escaped Namek using.

During the training period during in anticipation for the arrival of the Androids, Bulma and the Female Researcher obtained the data when doing research on the pod. At the request of Bulma, the Female Researcher tells Goku of this discovery and that the battle data is incomplete and will need tested several times. Goku fights the Virtual Fighting Data construct of Bonyu and manages to defeat her.


As a former member of the Ginyu Force, Bonyu is strong enough to join such an elite mercenary force.

Video games

Her power and skills prove valuable enough that after returning from Namek and Yardrat, Goku finds her Virtual Fighting Data worth battling against for training.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.


  • Scouter - A wearable computer designed to read Power Levels and for communications. She uses the same model as her former Ginyu Force teammates.
  • Battle Armor - Bonyu wears the white version of the Ginyu Force Battle Armor.

Voice Actors


  • She was designed by Akira Toriyama.
  • Her name, like the rest of the Ginyu Force's name puns of dairy products, means 母乳 "breast milk" in Japanese.


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