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Bongo is the Poko Land Dragon, a type of demonic dragon summonable by Poko Priests



Poko Land Dragon

Bongo was among the Dark Vassals spawned by King Piccolo who survived the King Piccolo wars.

In Age 853 Piccolo became aware of the other surviving spawn of King Piccolo, discovering some had secretly incubated in places like Pilaf's Castle and others had bred naturally in the wild. Piccolo and a few other Namekians captured these spawn, and they were studied by the Dragon Clan, who worked out how to spawn and handle creatures identical to them.[1]

In Age 1000, the Dark Namekians utilize several type of Poko Land Dragons as underlings.

Notable Poko Land Dragons

Moog is one of the three guardians of Gamelan's throne room.

Vibra has a Pokopen named Vibra's Bongo (비브라의 봉고).



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