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The Bojack Conflict is a conflict that took place between the Z-Fighters and the Galaxy Soldiers.



Many years before the events of Dragon Ball Z, Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers led a series of attacks in the Dormideous Sector causing mass destruction and deaths across the Universe. The four Kais had no other choice than to combine their powers in order to seal Bojack and his soldiers inside a star. However, years later, the seal would break after Cell destroyed King Kai's Planet due to Goku bringing him there and killing everyone on it with it. Due to this, Bojack would escape the star and target Earth next.

Bojack's return

Zangya defeats Krillin

Sometime after Cell's defeat, Gohan and his friends, including Future Trunks who returned from his timeline to inform them that he destroyed destroy the Androids, decided to enter the Intergalactic World Tournament. At the same time Bojack and his minions invaded the planet without being noticed and killed the Intergalactic Fighters, who were supposed to fight the four semi-finalist of the tournament and took their place. Gohan, Krillin, Future Trunks and Doskoi were split in four different places and were all ambushed by Bojack's Galaxy Soldiers. Krillin was the first to be attacked and easily defeated by Zangya. Doskoi was killed by Bido. Future Trunks managed to Shining Blow kill Kogu but was easily defeated by Bojack. King Kai watches this and informs Goku of his history with Bojack, worrying that Earth is in grave danger.

Gohan battled Bujin and found Krillin and Future Trunks unconscious before being meeting Bojack himself. Tien Shinhan and Yamcha soon joined Gohan and tried to attack them but they were quickly defeated by Bujin, Bido and Zangya. Gohan turns into a Super Saiyan and battles the three of them before being overpowered. Bojack tries to finish him off but was stopped by Piccolo who battles Bojack himself but ultimately loses. Future Trunks returns to the battle and blasts Bojack who uses Psycho Barrier to protect himself. Future Trunks attacks again but is stopped by Bido's and Bujin's Psycho Thread. Future Trunks is about to be killed by Bido but is saved by Vegeta who battles Bojack but is easily defeated him after he transforms. Future Trunks was also overpowered by Zangya and Bujin and blasted away by Bojack, losing consciousness once again.

Gohan punches a hole Bojack's stomach

All alone, Gohan desperately tried to fight Bojack and his minions but was eventually overpowered and trapped by their Psycho Threads. Mr. Satan arrives and frees Gohan by accident but was blasted away by Bojack. Gohan attempted to fight back again but was brutally beaten and tortured by Bojack. Goku, who was watching the fight along with King Kai, had enough of this and teleported to Earth for a brief moment punching Bojack and save Gohan to give him the needed motivation to use his real power. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and begun to walk towards Bojack who ordered both Bujin and Bido to stop him. Their Psycho Threads didn't work this time and Gohan killed them both easily. Bojack, then blasted the panicking Zangya to distract Gohan, killing her and attacked Gohan with another blast that had no impact. He attacked again only to be impaled in the gut with a punch. He desperately tried to use a final attack against Gohan but was easily overpowered and destroyed by him thus saving the Earth once again.

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