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"Bobbidi the Warlock" (どうバビディ Madōshi Babidi, lit. "The Mage Bobbidi") is the two hundred fifty second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred forty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover depicts Babidi, with Dabura standing behind him.


As the pursuit of Spopovich and Yamu continues, Shin explains that the only way to stop Majin Buu's revival is to stop Babidi. Further back, Kibito explains that, in order to resurrect Buu, Babidi needed a lot of pure energy. He then admits they knew Spopovich and Yamu would attack Gohan when he transformed into a Super Saiyan, but they needed the attack to occur so they could follow Spopovich and Yamu and find where Majin Buu was hidden. When Goku asks Shin why they just left Majin Buu where they did, Shin says they had no choice, since they couldn't risk breaking Majin Buu's seal.

Kibito says they should speed up if they want to catch up, but Videl can't fly any faster. Gohan tells her to turn back, since this is going to me more dangerous than he thought. Videl takes this opportunity to ask if Gohan really was the Gold Fighter, which Gohan confirms and he apologizes to Videl for lying to her. Videl goes on to ask if he was the kid back at the Cell Games, which Gohan again confirms. Videl discovers that Gohan is the true hero who defeated Cell and is happy she now knows the truth about her father's story, and tells Gohan to give Babidi what he deserves and wishes Gohan good luck. Kibito and Gohan turn up the speed and fly off, leaving Videl behind as Videl tells Gohan that when he comes back, she'll ask to go on a date with him.

Just as Kibito and Gohan catch up with the others, Shin sees that Spopovich and Yamu are landing. The group lands on a nearby hill, and suppress their Ki so they aren't detected. They watch as Spopovich and Yamu talk to someone, and realize that Babidi had hidden his spaceship underground, which likely means Babidi knows Shin and Kibito are there.

Babidi and Dabura

Piccolo suggests they strike before they get a chance to resurrect Majin Buu, but Shin advises them to be patient, waiting for them to come out. Gohan glances off to the side and spots a slaughter family, angering him. Just then, Piccolo sees someone coming out of the ship. This "someone" turns out to be two someones... the Warlock Babidi and his greatest minion, the Demon King Dabura!


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