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Bob & Margaret is a controversial adult book in the Dragon Ball universe.


It is the book that Master Roshi used to teach Goku how to read during the basic education he received as part of his Turtle School training in Age 750. In Age 790, Good Buu finds it in Mr. Satan's library, causing him to long for love. From the book he obtains ideas about female mates and ultimately splits into two Buus once again (as he had done with Evil Buu, though this time as the Male Mr. Buu and the Female Miss Buu), creating the first female Majin, Miss Buu. In the same year, Majin Buu and Miss Buu begin to desire a child like other couples have and read "Bob & Margaret" once again to work out how, by tearing pieces Majin body tissue from various parts of their bodies, mixed them together, and birthed life into the dumpling-shaped pieces by firing a Love-Love Beam into it giving birth to their child Baby Buu and other children. Their family quickly grows, resulting in the creation of the Majin race on Earth.

Video Game Appearances

"Margaret said, "Hee hee! Stop, that tickles! Mom will be home soon. But Bob took her hand and..." "
— Majin Buu reading Bob & Margaret in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, if the player selects Majin as the Future Warrior's race, then an opening cutscene featuring Majin Buu sitting inside his house reading Bob & Margaret before he comes across a word he does not know the meaning of and calls Mr. Satan over to tell him what it is, only for Mr. Satan to realize what Buu is reading and asks Buu where he found it. Buu reveals he had taken it from Mr. Satan's room, causing Mr. Satan to tell Buu he shouldn't be reading it, but Buu doesn't understand why he can't read it and refuses to give it back to Mr. Satan.

A female Majin named Roim refers to the book as Bob & Margaret's Forbidden Games and wonders if she would be able to create clones if she were to read it.


  • Its name in Xenoverse 2, Bob & Margaret's Forbidden Games may be a reference to the biblical "forbidden fruit" from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil eaten by Adam & Eve. This would fit with the book's use by Mr. Buu and Miss Buu (the proverbial Adam & Eve of the Majin race) to develop the primary method of Majin reproduction.
  • The fact that Master Roshi used it to teach Goku how to read and that Buu was able to read and understand it in Dragon Ball Online (in Xenoverse 2 he has a little trouble reading the word and is forced to ask Mr. Satan what it is and means), it is presumably not too hard for those of a young or child-like mentality to read and comprehend, despite its adult subject matter.
    • The fact that Master Roshi would use an adult book to teach Goku with fits with the old hermit's preference for Dirty Magazine and other "mature" reading materials.

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