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SuperBen 1000000 wrote:

Kaestal wrote: Just use the Super Dragon Balls to restore all the universes and raise the mortal ki level above 7.

Boom, problem solved.

Uh, no. That won't solve anything. Almost all mortal levels are higher than Universe 7, for some reason even though all the fighters are weak as s***. That's why i don't like this saga. All characters besides Universe 7 don't have any character in them and even though their universe is stronger than 7, they still get fodderized by Gohn, Tien, and even MASTER ROSHI! The only way to kill Zen-Oh would to have Tori-bot become a major character and erase Zen-Oh himself.

You clearly misunderstood.

Raise the mortal ki level to above the 7 level it was described as the cut off point.

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