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I wanna start this thread about unpopular opinions of Dragon Ball anime.

I don't know if this is unpopular or not when it comes to this but I have to say it.

DBS anime is actually bad if we draw comparison to DBZ. DBS being sequel to DBZ is insulting. If we see it as standalone anime like if we take off sequel in our eyes, it's ok/good. This is similar situation to One Punch Man where S2 as standalone is ok/good but sequel to S1 is a disgrace.

DBZ is like Godfather 1 and DBS is like Godfather 3.

Godfather 1 > 2 >>>3. I would say Dragon Ball(original) is Godfather 2. Hopefully when new series comes( maybe that Dragon Ball Ultra), I hope it's close to Z. GT and Heroes are non canon. I would say: DBZ > DB >>>>GT>DBS >>>>>>DBH.

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