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Weedle McHairybug wrote:

Kaestal wrote: Saying the only truth is literal is an opinion, and opinions aren't true or false, so your point folded in on itself.

Saying metaphors are just a way to lie is also an opinion, so that has no bearing on truth or lies.

Also love how we're now comparing human children to DBS God, apples to oranges and all that.

No, truth is literal, period, a fact, same deal with metaphors being lies. And for the record, opinions are LIES. If they aren't truthful or factual, they're false and lies. It's black and white here.

Also, Stryzzar was the one who made the comparison to human children, not me. If anything, I was trying to argue AGAINST that. If you wish to be sarcastic about that comparison, do it to him. If anything, I'm on your side about how Zen-Oh is NOTHING like a child.

Nothing about Truth requires it to be literal, metaphors can be truthful, you're just mistaking your opinion on it with a fact.

For example, if I were to make a figure of speech, would you say it's untrue? Something does not have to be literal to be true, you just want it to be, and that is your opinion that if it isn't literal it is false and a lie. 

It is your opinion that such a thing is black and white.

For example, Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker. From a literal standpoint, no, Darth Vader did not kill himself.

But the person of Anakin Skywalker was killed when he became Darth Vader, so the statement is true, just not literal. Man, you must've hated Star Wars.

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