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Blood Rubies, also known as Rich Stones (リッチストン Ricchi Suton) in the Japanese version, are a type of valuable ruby that are located in the bottom of the Land of Gurumes. Those rubies are cursed and deteriorate everything around them.


King Gurumes paid Bongo and Pasta in these in exchange for gathering the Dragon Balls for him. When Penny made a wish to Shenron to restore the land, all of the blood rubies were removed from the ground which seemed to have been behind all of the corruption.


Main articles: King Gurumes and Earthling As shown by its effects on King Gurumes, the Blood Rubies can cause mutation in Human-type Earthlings which causes their body to mutant into a Monster-type Earthling (similar to how the drug Animorphaline can turn Human-type Earthlings into Animal-type Earthlings) with an insatiable hunger. However the mutation can be reversed if they Blood Rubies are removed as King Gurumes reverted to normal after Penny wished for Shenron to restore the land which removed the rubies from the ground.

Interestingly, one of the effects of said mutation is insatiable hunger, which resembles the insatiable hunger of Android 21 and her fissions who are part Earthling and possess Frieza and King Cold's mutant Frieza Race cells (Frieza's cells can induce mutations as shown when Tock consumes 2nd Form Frieza's Tail in Dragon Ball Online).

Video Game Appearances

Blood Ruby icon in Dokkan Battle

Blood Rubies appears as a Treasure item in Dokkan Battle which can be traded at Baba's Shop for certain items including Gurumes Warrioress Pasta character cards. It can be acquired in the Story Event "Curse of the Blood Rubies" in Stage 5: "To the Land of Gurumes!".


  • Frieza describes Planet Vegeta as looking like a blood ruby, shortly before destroying it. This could possibly mean that this resource can be found on other planets as well.
  • Blood Rubies are bulletproof as Yamcha used them to survive being shot multiple times in the gut when storming Gurumes' castle.

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