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AJP27 AJP27 1 August 2018

Legacy of Goku series reboot concept

This LONG blog post is about how I'd make a hypothetical reboot of the LOG series (in this case all the way back to Dragon Ball), As someone who still has nostalgia for the Legacy of Goku games (not so much the first, but definitely the second), I though I'd share my thoughts on a Reboot of Webfoot Technologies' Legacy of Goku series. It would delight me if Webfoot Technologies was able to create their "Legacy of Goku 4" they teased about in circa 2016. These are some of the elements I'd like to see implemented, such as which characters would be playable and storylines covered (Manga with some movies as sidequests to gain more XP, bonus items, secret characters, maybe even bonus missions). The Super ones below, due to that series still con…

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TheRealSun TheRealSun 23 July 2018

Wha....ARGHHHH fine!

I know everthing pretty much about dragon ball z. 

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Sizzlegirl567 Sizzlegirl567 21 July 2018

Dragon Ball Super: Broly the movie!

So, I'm sure most of us watched the amazing Dragon Ball Super: Broly English dub trailer. What do we think? I thought it was amazing! I love Broly and I'm happy he's canon now.

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Ltmaroon57 Ltmaroon57 12 July 2018

No Simultanous World Wide Release For The New Dragon Ball Super Movie?

I thought Dragon Ball Super: Broly was going to be simultanousely released world wide on December 14th (https://soranews24.com/2018/03/22/dragon-ball-super-movies-first-preview-appears-producer-promises-simultaneous-worldwide-release/) But according to this, we here in North America won't get it until one month later- http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/12/funimation-is-bringing-dragon-ball-super-broly-to-north-american-theaters-in-2019 What is going on?

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Rogeta234 Rogeta234 5 July 2018

Owing me.

If SSJ Berserk does appear in the episode, you owe me something for not keeping it on the page despite it being in the title. I just haven't thought of it yeah.Rogeta234 (talk) 01:45, July 5, 2018 (UTC)

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Yuri Rozu Yuri Rozu 19 June 2018

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime?

Apparently, there's supposed to be a Dragon Ball Heroes anime or anime special coming out. I think it's going to be some time after the DB Super movie. As a person who loves Dragon Ball Heroes (or at least what I've seen of it), I'm definitely excited. How about you guys? I would love to be able to play the game but an anime actually seems really cool in my opinion. Seriously though...I really hope this happens.

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Jamezito Jamezito 26 May 2018

The Truth About Zeno

I have created a theory video on a very strong possbility on the truth behind Zeno and his origins. Let me know what you think. 

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Clock God Clock God 13 May 2018

Whats gonna be next series after the movie?

Okay guys, as long as you know that movie will be released on 14 december 2018... However is dragon ball ultra coming after movie? And do you think movie gonna adapted to next series's 1st season just like BoG? Please let me know your ideas, thx. Clock God (talk) 20:17, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

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DragonBallWikiGuy DragonBallWikiGuy 4 May 2018

Dragon Ball Forever (A Fan Made Series)

The Story of Dragon Ball Forever takes place a few decades after Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super: The Movie. It is a story full of many characters, transformations and power!

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Free Chapters 1-3
    • 2.1 Chapter 1
    • 2.2 Chapter 2
    • 2.3 Chapter 3
  • 3 Characters

The story is about a name called Kabuto and his master, Kubiki. Together they train 'til the very end. But one day a mysterious and evil saiyan lands on Earth of Universe 7. Goku is dying of old age and Vegeta has left to Universe 6's Planet Sadal to train Cabba and the other saiyans.

Part 1

Dragon Ball Forever

The Future of the Saiyans

Goku is dying of old age and Vegeta has left Earth in order to gain more strength, he has left to Universe 6 to train Cabba and his fellow saiyans 20 hours, Mond…

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CaptainFalcon1 CaptainFalcon1 4 May 2018

Janemba VS. Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

I thought this was an interesting topic, and wanted to see what people thought of it.

I Honestly beleive Janemba is stronger. Now, I'm not like most, where I'm just going to fake statements to prove my point, I'm going to use the Janemba movie itself. The big kicker here is that as Goku powered up to super saiyan 3, he was shaking the otherworld, a universe-sized space, and the shockwaves were reaching the grand kai's palace. Goku beat the crap out of Janemba, and then Janemba transformed into super Janemba, and beat the crap out of this universal level super saiyan 3 goku. Vegeta came, got kicked in the butt, and then Goku and Vegeta fused into Gogeta to defeat him.

Majin Buu still has some things going for him though. Kid Buu was stated b…

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MonsterKiddo02 MonsterKiddo02 28 April 2018

Dragon Ball X Histroy / Characters

Dragon Ball X , Is Based on After Dragon Ball Super. When Vegeta And Goku Fighting in the Mountains. They will have Some Timeline Changing / Story being Changed / New Forms / Lots of changing.

(Main) Characters!




King Vegeta





Omega Shenron


Ultimate Omega Shenron

Power Levels!

Bardock - 2 Billion

Bardock (Full Power) - 70 Billion

Bardock (With God Ki + Full Power) - 500 Billion

MiHan (SSJ7 God) - 810 Zillion

MiHan (SSJ7 Ascended God) - 891 Zillion

Bardock (SSJ9) - 900 Zillion

Bardock (Mastered SSJ9 Limit Breaker) - 1600 Zillion

Goku (End Of Dragon Ball X) - 700 Billion

Trunks (End Of Dragon Ball X) - 61 Billion

Vegeta (End Of Dragon Ball X) - 610 Billion

Goten (End Of Dragon Ball X) - 52 Billion

Gohan (End Of Dr…

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MonsterKiddo02 MonsterKiddo02 28 April 2018


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Jamezito Jamezito 23 April 2018

Dragon God Zalama is the Original Namekian

I have created a theory video discussing the reasons why I believe Zalama is the original Namekian. Ask yourselves this, why are the super dragonballs only in universes 6 & 7 where Namekians reside? And how is it that Namekians are the only ones to have found the Super Dragonballs in BOTH universes and have replicated them. Not to mention the various god like abilites namekians posess such as unlocking potential telepathy, healing, regeneration, magic materialization, fusion, "fission" (splitting of two beings)

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Dragonballearth Dragonballearth 22 April 2018

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 English Dub! , You Are Watching “Dragon Ball Super Episode 60″ English Dubbed In High Quality at

Go to : DragonballEarth.net

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Quickshot76 Quickshot76 21 April 2018

Super Saiyan God vs. Super Saiyan Blue

  • 1 Which one is stronger?
  • 2 Why SSJB is weaker than SSG
  • 3 Mastered SSG vs Mastered SSJB
  • 4 Final Thoughts

I've heard a lot of people freaking out over Super Saiyan God vs Super Saiyan Blue, and I am here to tell you that SSG is stronger than SSJB, and I am here to explain it in a small few paragraphs.

Alright. Now, I think the main reason that people think SSJB is stronger is because it's the Super Saiyan version of God, and that is true, but there's a problem with it. You see, when Goku first attained SSG, he had no idea how to use it. He was going about 60-70% with it, and didn't know how to get to 100%, mainly because it was the first time using it. When the time ran out, he became a normal Super Saiyan. Yet, Beerus stated that he kept some of the…

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Dragonballearth Dragonballearth 13 April 2018

Dragon Ball Super Online World News

Today i am Share a new for DB Fans only today Share a Website For Easy Way WTH and Down option

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Jamezito Jamezito 8 April 2018

Possible arcs to come in Dragonball Super

This is my theory on what arcs are going to come up next based on the subtle hints that have been left in the anime and manga.

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JeffreyAnimates JeffreyAnimates 5 April 2018

How strong is Grand Priest?

I couldn't figure out, what power level Grand Priest is at. I made the estimate of Grand Priest is at 

750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 more or less. I need help to figure out. If you can, thanks.

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Shenron25101 Shenron25101 5 April 2018


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Jamezito Jamezito 3 April 2018

Who is the saiyan from the Dragonball Super movie? My theory on which 2 saiyans.

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D2Ranime D2Ranime 2 April 2018

Dragon Ball Super X Eiga Precure Super Stars "THE MOVIE" Son Goku vs Cure Yell

Two greatest anime heroes of the History Betwin Legen Super Saiyan and
Mahou Shojo.after 10 year of 1st ever Crossover Anime of Toei animation since of 2009 in Precure all stars DX and TV Special of Toriko of Dragon Ball Z.One Piece and Toriko in 1st 2 season.Now 10 years after of Toei History

2 greatest anime of the all time and never that see befor.Betwin Saiyan and Precure.
Akira Toriyama From Dragon Ball and Izumi Todo From Precure series came a Epic Movie of the 2019 Next Year in April 1.(Is not a Joke,This is Real) 

Super Meet Super
Hero meet Heroies

Dragon Ball Super X Eiga Precure Super Stars "THE MOVIE"
Son Goku vs Cure Yell

The Z Soldier Character
Goku.Gohan.Piccolo.Vegeta.Yancha.Tenshihan.Goten.Thunk.Kirrin.Android 17 and 18.

The Precure …

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Smijes08 Smijes08 29 March 2018

Super Saiyan Rose Goku

Just something I thought about recently.

In the Super manga, it's stated that Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé form has a different color than Super Saiyan Blue because he's an actual godly Saiyan, whereas Goku and Vegeta are mortals who possess godly Ki.

With Toppo having a God of Destruction Mode, that got me to thinking. If Goku did choose to succeed Beerus as a God of Destruction, would his Super Saiyan Blue form become Super Saiyan Rosé?

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UltraSilver2 UltraSilver2 28 March 2018

What's Up With Teen Gohan?

I've recently noticed that people refer to the Gohan during the Cell Games and Bojack Unbound as a teen. In Dragon Ball Z, he is 11 and in Dragon Ball Z Kai, he's 9. When I tried to change the article about Gohan, somebody reversed it. So can someone please tell me what's going on?

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Jamezito Jamezito 24 March 2018

Bardock meeting Yamoshi after he's sent to the past at the end of Episode of Bardock?

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Nekalvi kamberi Nekalvi kamberi 15 March 2018

Dragon Ball Devolution

[1]DBZ Devolution

  • 1 Developer(s)
  • 2 Designer(s)
  • 3 Latest version
  • 4 Genre(s)
  • 5 Media
  • 6 Contents
  • 7 Overview
    • 7.1 History
    • 7.2 Music
  • 8 Gameplay
    • 8.1 Movements
    • 8.2 Protection and KI
    • 8.3 Attack moves
    • 8.4 KI blasts
    • 8.5 Powering up
  • 9 Special Abilities
  • 10 Playable characters
    • 10.1 Story characters
    • 10.2 Side stories characters
  • 11 Locations
    • 11.1 Story locations
    • 11.2 Side stories locations
  • 12 Game modes
    • 12.1 Training
    • 12.2 Story
    • 12.3 Side Stories
    • 12.4 Versus
    • 12.5 Tenkaichi Budokai
    • 12.6 Tag Team
    • 12.7 Janken
  • 13 Other options
    • 13.1 Jukebox
    • 13.2 Database
    • 13.3 Setup
    • 13.4 Credits
  • 14 Technical
    • 14.1 Requirements
    • 14.2 Savefile
    • 14.3 Playing with a gamepad
    • 14.4 Playing on an Android device


Etienne Bégué


Working on 1.2.4



Dragon Ball Z Devolution is a fan-made fighting game, tribute to Akira Toriyama for the tremendous work he h…

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M3wzy M3wzy 11 March 2018

What's next?

Okay fam, so after the ToP and the end of Super, what's next? The movie will happen but thats just 2 hours of footage. I don't know if it's just a hiatus or not, however there isn't many ideas that Toei can come up with. I don't know if it's going to be like the time between GT and Battle of Gods.

If we say that Super or some other series will start/continue, what will be the story? I'd like to see your opinion on it. I would think that Vegeta would catch up to Goku in his own way, such as surpassing the Super Saiyan Blue. Since Goku has already mastered Ultra Instinct, I would think he would use a combination of Ultra Instinct and some other form. Goku has already surpassed Beerus, so maybe there will be an introduction of the Universes th…

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Texasjoker Texasjoker 7 March 2018


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SuperBen 1000000 SuperBen 1000000 4 March 2018

Help wanted

Ok, I need a few users to fix some outdated s*** around here namely: the FighterZ info, the movie dimension characters and info, and the Xeno characters and info. I created a plan to fix them, not really, just a huge checklist, but soon realized I had to take off often in this wiki to deal with my personal problems. And so, after a month of it just sitting there, I realized that if I really wanted to get this done, I probably need some people to do this when I'm not here. So, that's why I'm asking for committed users to fix these pages or create them for easy access for newcomers instead of people saying "Go to the Kazenshuu!" If you're up for it, talk to me in my talk page and tell me which category you want to update. 

Here's the checklis…

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SuperSaiyanSquats SuperSaiyanSquats 4 March 2018

Fan Made DBZ Rap

Hey, we made this music video over the course of a few months. From recording the vocals, to working with the videographer, we made our vision and love for Dragon Ball come alive and would love nothing more than to share it with fellow fans!

Leave a comment and tell us what you think :)

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Orion Invictus Orion Invictus 4 March 2018

What do you think of this?

In DBZ, Saiyans managed to overcome their limits by giving in to anger and frustration (Super Saiyan 1-3), but in DBS, it's been the opposite. SSG required six pure-hearted Saiyans, who'd managed to overcome their inherently wild nature. SSB also requires a calm mind. And then there's Ultra Instinct, that literally requires you to be so calm, your mind goes blank, leaving your body to react on its own. In other words, DBS has Saiyans going against their savage nature to surpass their limits. DBGT did something similar with SS4, which requires a calm mind while going back to the Saiyan roots (Great Ape).

What do you guys think of this change? I found it interesting, but I'm not sure Toriyama intended it this way.

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Anime X SSB UI Anime X SSB UI 1 March 2018

Best Moments Of Tournament Of Power

The tournament of power is reaching its final phase and I have some theories that how it will end:- SLIDE 1/9 – WHO WINS THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER?According to this theory Universe 11 would win the Tournament of Power in the end, with Terez27 states, "Crucially, Universe 11 would have to win the tournament. Jiren gets the wish (which is unrelated to reviving U7) and U7 faces destruction. Many have argued that it seems unlikely that Goku will lose with UI, but I think the purpose of UI is not necessarily for Goku to win, but for Goku to impress Zenō with his power."

Universe 11 winning the tournament would line up with many other theories online, and another universe other than Universe 7 would provide a conclusive end. And as strong as Goku h…

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Jim Logan Jim Logan 28 February 2018

Xenoverse 2 DLC 6 help

So I have Fighterz and Xenoverse 2, and when DLC 6 was announced, if you have both you get rewards (as shown in this photo), Android 21 outfit and Supreme Kai of Time lobby character for Fighterz. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Why can't I access 21's outfit?

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Orion Invictus Orion Invictus 24 February 2018

Why are western fans so obsessed with "canon"?

There's one debate ubiquitous to every Japanese cartoon and comic that's been released (as well as several other western franchises): which parts of it are and aren't "canon". Some cite comic books as being the "true canon" for later adaptations (and so anything that doesn't match it is "non-canon"), others cite the original creator's work as being the "true canon", and others still just say something they don't like is "non-canon".

However, this phenomenon seems to be almost entirely exclusive to western fans. In Japan, they just accept the stories as what they're meant to be (amusement), without concerning themselves about what is or isn't "canon". Why can't western fans do the same? What drives you to obsess over an insignificant aspect …

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SunDaGamer SunDaGamer 18 February 2018

DBZ Power Levels Saiyan Saga - Cell Saga

Piccolo (w/ weights): 322

Farmer (w/ shotgun): 5

Raditz: 1,200

Gohan: 2

Goku (w/ weights): 334

Krillin: 206

Master Roshi: 139

Goku (w/o weights): 416

Piccolo (w/o weights): 408

Kamehameha: 927

Gohan (Enraged): 1,307

Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon): 1,303

Yamcha: 177

Tien Shinhan: 250

Kami: 220

Mr Popo: 223 Abriged Popo (0.000001%): Pecking Order

King Yemma: 2,500

King Kai: 3,500

Post 9 months training

Piccolo (w/ weights): 1,900

Gohan: 981

Krillin: 1,770

Tien Shinhan: 1,830


Chiaotzu: 610

Saibamen: 1,200

Piccolo (w/o weights): 2,500

Nappa: 4,500

Vegeta: 16,500

Gohan (Angry): 2,500

Goku (suppressed): 5,000

Goku: 9,200 (8,200)

Nappa (Full Power): 7,500

Goku (Kaioken x2): 16,400

Vegeta: 18,000

Goku (Kaioken x3): 24,600

Galick Gun: 27,000

Goku (Kaioken x4): 32,800


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Tonybalongna Tonybalongna 11 February 2018


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Tonybalongna Tonybalongna 11 February 2018

Why Belmod killed Jirens parents

While watching Episode 127, I noticed alot of inconsistencies. Such as, why was Belmod attracted to Jiren's obsession with strength, did he realize Jiren was a prodigy? (Click the links to see pictures) https://gyazo.com/57ceed07ceccf205d1ceaa61696db1d3

Belmod kept referring to Jirens' parents' killer as an "evil-doer." How did Belmod know about this if Jiren acted so sensitively when Android 17 told him to stop holding onto the past? Jiren likely didn't tell Belmod his origins, but this still could've been the case.



The "evil-doer" 's aura looks similar to that to that of a God Of Destruction's.


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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 8 February 2018

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Stuff

Ok I did the math & 10 seconds outside the chamber is the same as 1 hour inside, which is conveniently the normal length of time needed before fusing again. Piccolo & Gotenks were in the chamber long enough after Buu left to have had their fusion run out then refuse while Super Buu was eating everyone. While there are probably some inaccuracies it still seems likely that they unfused & became Gotenks again.

It's likely that the portals temporarily make the Hyperbolic Timechamber have the normal flow of time. The HTC or RoSaT can only be effectively used to train 2 at once likely because of there being only 2 beds, however there may be another reason. The mystery of the door vanishing has never been confirmed, & is only an assumed event for …

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Mancavevictor Mancavevictor 7 February 2018

Goku Spirit Bomb Cloud Lamp

[1]Goku Spirit Bomb Cloud Lamp 

Amazing Goku Spirit Bomb Cloud Lamp

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Orion Invictus Orion Invictus 4 February 2018

Why are episodes getting shorter?

Since the beginning, they've added more and more "junk" to replace actual episode time. Before, we had this sequence:

  1. Logos
  2. Intro
  3. Quick recap of previous episode
  4. Title card
  5. First half of the episode
  6. Artwork(? not sure what this is called)
  7. Second half of the episode
  8. Outro
  9. Preview for next episode

Now (ToP) we have:

  1. Logos
  2. Preview of the episode you're about to watch
  3. Intro
  4. Recap of the previous episode
  5. Title card
  6. First half of the episode
  7. Artwork(? not sure what this is called)
  8. Second half of the episode
  9. Outro
  10. Preview for the next episode

And in the latest episode:

  1. Logos
  2. Preview of the episode you're about to watch
  3. Intro
  4. Recap of the precious episode
  5. Title card
  6. Reused events from the end of the previous episode
  7. First half of the actual new episode
  8. Artwork(? not sure what thi…
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SupaKaminari SupaKaminari 4 February 2018

Change everyone characters about GT story and separated with two differents ones

Hello Everyone, it's SupaKaminari it's first time doing this post and i'm tried my best to speaking clearly (sorry my bad english)

When the DBS ending came and New Movie finally also came, I'm thinking we need separated Main canon page and GT continuity (like billions times, GT isn't canon or at least not a same timeline explain in Xenoverse).... that's said for example with Goku with two separate page with his canon one and GT....

I know is pain in ass to do this... but i'm prefer separated this two series for better for confused to newbies believes GT is canon.... not seriously are still people believe are same continuity.... 

Well also after final DBS is probably came a new series after this and probably is 2019 with new DB series after fi…

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Disco the Hedgefox Disco the Hedgefox 19 June 2020

Dragon ball Super is ending?

I heard that dragon Ball super is ending on it's 131 episode. How sad. I want to see Goku and friends visit the other Warriors universe and warriors have flash backs.

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Orion Invictus Orion Invictus 28 January 2018

Goku is not going to win against Jiren

This is my speculation, but time is simply going to run out, and since Frieza is still in the ring, U11 is going to be erased.

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Tonybalongna Tonybalongna 28 January 2018

Buu VS God Toppo

If buu used chocolate beam , could he defeat toppo, or would the beam be destroyed?

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UltraSilver2 UltraSilver2 27 January 2018

Why Vegeta is stronger than Goku

Do you remember when Trunks and Goten were first learning fusion? If you do, you should recall that Trunks was complaining about him having to lower his energy level to match Goten. Goku said that it is natural that Trunks is stronger than Goten because he is a year older. Well guess what? Vegeta is five years older than Goku. That means Vegeta is stronger than Goku. Now I'm starting to think that the only reason that Goku can surpass Vegeta is because he his constantly getting new forms.

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TurboTriangle601 TurboTriangle601 19 January 2018

Some Battle Powers (Remake)

  • 1 Brief Note
  • 2 Multipilers
  • 3 Pre-Saiyan Saga
  • 4 Saiyan Saga
  • 5 Namek Saga
  • 6 Freeza Saga
  • 7 Trunks Saga
  • 8 History of Trunks
  • 9 Android Saga
  • 10 Perfect Cell Saga
  • 11 Cell Games Saga
  • 12 Majin Boo Saga
  • 13 Fusion Saga
  • 14 Battle of Gods
  • 15 Resurrection F
  • 16 Universe 6 Saga

This only focuses on the Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball Super anime and Dragon Ball Kai. This is purely experimental and may not detail my actual opinions.

SSJ - 50x

SSJ2 - 100x

SSJ3 - 400x

SSJG - 500x

SSJB - 5,000x

Turtle - 3

Master Roshi - 180

Chiaotzu - 230

Yamcha - 265

Krillin - 270

Tenshinhan - 290

Kami - 330

Piccolo (Suppressed) - 332-408

Piccolo (W/Weights) - 880 (I don't think you can cram destroying a large island to a moon or so in a gap of a few tens or so.)

Son Goku (W/Weights) - 920

Piccolo - 1,050

Son Goku - 1,100


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Epratt Epratt 17 January 2018

What-If Theory: What if Prince Vegeta never existed?

(DISCLAIMER: This is only going to be a 'Part 1' of this theory.  It will not be continued unless people want it to be continued.

Everything that I'm about to state is going to be completely opinion-based.  If I offend or down somebody's opinions in any way by stating my own, I'd like to openly and humbly apologize right now. 

Also, if you don't like the formatting of my theories, please let me know!  I do this for entertainment for myself and for others, so if something looks off, or if it just doesn't feel right, I'd love to change it to accomodate to you, the readers!

Also, for this theory, I'm considering the Planet Arlia filler in the original plot to be canon, the Garlic Junior filler to be non-canon, and several movies are canon and ca…

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XHAZZA25 XHAZZA25 14 January 2018


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Kinq1nC Kinq1nC 14 January 2018



Goes from Sky Blue to Indigo gg no re

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Alihassan695 Alihassan695 13 January 2018

Dargon Ball Power Levels

  • 1 Dragon ball Power Levels
    • 1.1 Pilaf Saga
    • 1.2 21 Tenkaichi Budokai
      • 1.2.1 Jackie Chun VS Yamcha
      • 1.2.2 Krillin VS Bacterian
      • 1.2.3 Goku VS Giran
      • 1.2.4 Nam VS Ranfan
      • 1.2.5 Jackie Chun VS Krillin
      • 1.2.6 Goku VS Nam
      • 1.2.7 Goku VS Jackie Chun
    • 1.3 Red Ribbon Saga
      • 1.3.1 Goku VS Colonel Silver
      • 1.3.2 Goku VS Major Metallitron
      • 1.3.3 Goku VS Ninja Murasaki
      • 1.3.4 Goku VS Buyon & General White
      • 1.3.5 Goku & Krillin VS Pirate Robot
      • 1.3.6 Goku VS General Blue
      • 1.3.7 Goku VS Mercenary Tao
      • 1.3.8 Goku VS RR Amy
    • 1.4 Fortune Tellar Baba Saga
      • 1.4.1 Krillin VS Vampire
      • 1.4.2 Yamcha VS Invisible Man
      • 1.4.3 Yamcha VS Mummy Man
      • 1.4.4 Goku VS Mummy Man
      • 1.4.5 Goku VS Akku Man
      • 1.4.6 Goku VS Gohan
    • 1.5 22nd World Budokai Saga
      • 1.5.1 Tenshinhan VS Yamcha
      • 1.5.2 Jackie Chun VS Were-Man
      • 1.5.3 Krillin VS Chaotsu
      • 1.5.4 Goku VS Pamput
      • 1.5.5 Jack…
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MrMultiverse52 MrMultiverse52 6 January 2018

Which Lantern Ring would be best for Goku?

Hello everyone it's your daddy back at it yet again and today I just wanted to see what people would say about this. It's important to note I will not be using the white ring of life and black ring of death for this theory, mainly because death isn't as dramatic in dragon Ball when you have 7 orbs that can literally bring anybody back from the dead. And the white lantern ring will be taken out mainly because it is a overpowered and overrated weapon in DC. Everything I say in this will be purely opinion based.

Green/Willpower: ah classic green lantern ring! Will has been a big part of Goku's inside and outside of battle so it stands to reason that he would make a great GL. However that being sai doesn't Goku can be somewhat disobedient of a …

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