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JohnCenaNation JohnCenaNation 7 June 2020

Revenge Death Ball Outmaneuvered Kai-Kai


In Dragon Ball GT, Baby (Bebi) performed a feat which has presumably never been talked about before. He was preparing a Revenge Death Ball, but Kibito-Shin swiftly attempted at saving Goku by using the Kai-Kai technique, a technique which enables him to move everywhere in the universe instantly as described by the Daizenshuu.

The Daizenshuu's description of the Kai-Kai should not be inherently wrong. In the anime, Kibito-Shin traveled from the Kaioshin realm to Earth and vice versa within mere seconds if we're using screentime, Pure Buu also performed a similar feat by transporting himself to the Kaioshin Realm within seconds as depicted by the screentime, once again.

Toriyama's illustrations of the Dragon Ball Cosmology showed us th…

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 5 June 2020

Differences in DBZ Kai

Having finished DBZ Kai, and remembering much of the original DBZ, I can list off all or at least most of the big differences.

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Season 4
  • 5 Season 5
  • 6 Season 6
  • 7 Season 7

Before Raditz arrives on Earth, there's an introduction showing Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta, then some backstory on Goku and Piccolo.

The scene where Goku rescues Gohan from a tree is extended to a river and waterfall, ending with the tree, which Gohan seems to have gotten to with his hidden powers.

Goku and Piccolo's power levels are slightly higher than 330 and 320, with numbers in the ones digits to be more precise.

Removed: The part where Krillin offers to help Goku fight Raditz with Master Roshi, saying they can be wished back with the Dragonballs,…

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EnragedxShinobi EnragedxShinobi 27 May 2020

Goku dragon ball super power levels. My take on it.

Goku base form power level battle of gods =100 million. I base this off of the statement made by Beerus that Goku couldn't possibly defeat Frieza in his base form as he is.  All of these power levels for Goku will also be manga based. In the super manga Goku doesn't absorb the god ki into his base power. Or atleast nothing is stated about him doing so. So I'll be basing this off of the notion that Super saiyan god is NOT stacked in his base.

Goku super saiyan = 5 billion

Goku super saiyan 2 = 10 billion

Goku super saiyan 3 = 40 billion

Goku super saiyan god = 1 trillion. Beerus stated he had to use almost 10% power for an Enraged super saiyan 2 Vegeta who had far surpassed ssj3 Goku briefly. He then used 70% against a full power ss god Goku. T…

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PsychoSSF2 PsychoSSF2 24 May 2020

Now Hear Me Out, Fellas...

What if Fu was the dark side of Gohan that the latter showed during his fight with Cell while Gohan was in Super Saiyan 2? Then, probably, after Gohan had his full potential unleashed, the dark side of Gohan was separated from him and transported to the Demon Realm as the baby shown after the SSJ4 Xeno Vegito and SSG Xeno Trunks vs. Mechikabura fight?

I know it's wacky as hell, but it works, am I right? ;)

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TAWOG l'm Bacc TAWOG l'm Bacc 16 May 2020

Imagine if they retconned female namek's


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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 7 May 2020

Dragon Ball Gaiden: Dark Nion, journey to the shadows

1000 years prior to Goku's epic battle with Vegeta on Earth...

The skies of Sadala were blackened, even during the day. Like a thunderstorm in the distance, the orange glow and flashes of explosions lit the horizon. The roar of the Oozaru echoed across the land as flashes were seen. Nion, a high class warrior of hous Oni, stood on a rock overlooking everything. "This is what his pathetic movement has led too..." He mumbled to himself. "That damned Yamoshi. Not only did he forsake his pride as a warrior, but he forsook his pride as a Saiyan too. Nion flew through the air and locked onto the energy of the Super Saiyan. He touched the ground to see something odd. The one he searched for was on the ground. Above him stood five Saiyans who prod…

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Mr.Shenro117 Mr.Shenro117 7 April 2020

What's YOUR Discord?

no this isn't a game show. but whats ur discord. mine is

_Sheron_ #4379

I hope we can talk soon, miss u guys and stay safe!

btw yes I'm still on my pc

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Mr.Shenro117 Mr.Shenro117 31 March 2020

Hope you guys are safe!

We all know this coronavirus is crazy. And out of nowhere, i thought, oof i havent been on the fandom! so this post is to see if you guys are doing good or not, i miss u guys!

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Pashattarra Pashattarra 31 March 2020

Where yo watch online?

Hello everyone. Where can i watch dragonball resurrección F, dragonball super Broly movies and dragonball super serie

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Vegeta4Prez Vegeta4Prez 25 March 2020

Series about Vegeta's origins?

Hi everyone!

I recently thought about this:

​​​​​​ Would it be possible to tell the tale of Vegeta? We all know the story behind Goku's early days, but what if  Toei and Akira Toriyama made an actual series about Vegeta, before coming to earth? 

The reason I thought this would be interesting:

In Dragon Ball Super, it almost seems as Vegeta is on the same level of "main charater" as Goku. It almost felt like the show was not just about Goku, but Goku AND Vegeta. I know, Goku did get to be the strongest by the end of season 1 due to MUI ( and the plot), however, in the Broly movie it seems to me as if, before Goku Masters Ultra Instnct, they are equally strong. (Which is also why they were able to do the fusion dance, right?). Now, I haven't had…

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DanganronpaRein DanganronpaRein 20 March 2020


Yay, updates from Rein! To start off, I have reached over 1000 discussion posts! Yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ikr, but moment, wehifobvfewivoubwefivuob 

Welp, my body SUX so bai

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Mr.Shenro117 Mr.Shenro117 19 March 2020

Who would win?

cant put a picture cuz im on my pc but who would win, meliodas, or goku ?

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Gogetavsgotanks Gogetavsgotanks 28 February 2020

will we see goten and trunks play a bigger role in dbs2

ok so the reaon i bring this up is because since gohan played a big role in the cell games saga and was one of the main reasons that cell was brought to his demise and now how does goten and trunks(kid)come in to this convo is that they are  fan favorites and they a role in the buu saga and they did not sucecced of course but i think they should get a second chance to have the spotlight instead of just being side chacters it would be amazing to see them have a bigger role in the sereies i just hope we could see ssj2 goten and trunks or see them train and get strong and fight alongside there fathers like in the cell games against one of the new villains in dbs2 let me know what you guys thinkGogetavsgotanks (talk) 17:54, February 28, 2020 (…

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Gogetavsgotanks Gogetavsgotanks 27 February 2020

will super saiyan 4 be cannon in dragon ball super 2

since they made pan cannon will they make super saiyan 4 cannon is dbs2 my reason for this is that super saiyan 3 was the last we saw of it besides ssgjssj and pan super saiyan 4 are both from gt what do you guys think let me know 

im curious to see in dbs2 

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Mr.Shenro117 Mr.Shenro117 19 February 2020

chill guys

like i said chill. no im stll not ready to fully return, but i can at least let u guys know whats up.

1. im still depressed

2. im still taking therapy

3. my grandma's funeral was the worst time ever

4. sadly but truly, i got dumped. yep, im a single, even MORE depressed, Mr.Shenro117. apprently my girlfreined is mad at me.she yelled and broke my heart and dumped me. it hurts just to write this down

MY BIGGEST THX: @YaBoiKingKai @LegendarySuperSaiyin ( srry if its wrong )

5. this is on my pc

6. i play roblox and fortnite ( dont judge ) so if u wanna play with me, say so in the commets

7. MAYBE ill be here my summer MAYBE

8. dont be mad but im new to jojo and the 7 deadly sins

9. yes i wacth super dragon ball heroes

10. i have to go

11. thx 4 da love an…

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DanganronpaRein DanganronpaRein 4 February 2020


Hello, Z Fighters! I am here to make some updates on what I've done on the wiki page! I've made many posts on the discussions, and I made some friends! As of now, I also have joined the Weebipedia wiki! My friend @Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin recommended it to me! I also participated in the Valentine's Day Art Contest! I put a image from my lil sisters drawing, I hope you enjoy it! That's all I got, see ya!

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Fire Fox News Special Report: The Vic Mignogna Scandal

Fire Fox News Channel Special Report: The Vic Mignogna Scandal.

Hello, and welcome to this Special Episode of Fire Fox News Channel, regarding Vic Mignogna's case.

Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and the other members of the Defense Team's Appeal to Mr. Mignogna's Appeal was denied, as shown in the statement below.

We have considered appellees' "Motion to Dismiss Appeal for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and as Premature".

The Motion is DENIED.

We direct the clerk of this court to send a notice of this order to the attorneys of record, the trial court judge, and the trial court clerk.

Dated December 11, 2019

While the case was Dismissed in October 2019, this affirms that the case is still open. Mr. Mignogna is still suing FUNimation Studios, Mon…

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Fenn's Dragon Ball Theories

...Here I am....trying to make a theory......this may end badly. LOL!

It's about Broly.

.....And Goku.

  • Deep breath*

While reading through the Broly page, I realized that Dragon Ball CANNOT get height correct. Here is an example:

In Base Form, they say that Broly is 7 foot, 7 inches tall. IN BASE FORM.

There is estimated to be only around 70 men in North America to be 7 foot or taller. It is EXTREMELY rare, to say the least.

As for Goku:

They say that he is 5 foot, 9 inches tall by the end of Dragon Ball. Now, I know that when Dragon Ball ended, Goku was still a kid. Only being 16 years old. The average boy has a major growth spurts between 10 to 15 years of age. And they usually stop growing in general by age 16, only looking fully grown by age 1…

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 1 February 2020

Dragon Ball Super: What if (A Fan Fiction by Ya Boi King Kai)

  • 1 Chapter 1
  • 2  Chapter 2
  • 3  Chapter 3
  • 4 Chapter 4
  • 5 Chapter 5
  • 6 Chapter 6
  • 7 Chapter 7


It had been so easy to eliminate the wife and son of Goku. It astounded Zamasu how much power was within this body. He had had a taste earlier when he had battled Goku. The magnitude of the power held in this body was incredible. Now it was his, and it was easily suplemented by his splendorous energy. Pure god-ki pouring through and feeding the muscles and sense had pushed him to a level beyond that which he thought was possible. This mortal had energy that was closing in on that of even a God of Destruction. It was closing in fast. How such a wonderous body could have been wasted on a mortal was just another symbol of injustice. Now it had been handed over to one wh…

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DanganronpaRein DanganronpaRein 31 January 2020

A Fighter Has Joined!

Hey, fellow DBZ fans! I am officially part of this fandom! I love it to bits and I can't wait for the new season coming out this year!! I'M SO HYPED,OMFG! Anyway, ask me questions if you'd like, because I would love to answer them! My favorite character is Piccolo, because he taught Gohan the majority and he would be a great baby sitter! My favorite saga is the Cell Saga, because they introduced us to do many new characters, and had a terrifying scene that still haunts me to this day! I watch Team Four Stars DBZ Abridged, I recommend it! It'll make you laugh, put on Canada Captions if you decide to watch it!

Well, I'll go make some edits now!

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 30 January 2020

Dragon Ball Theory: Determining the True Power Level of the Shotgun Farmer (And YOU!)

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The crown jewel of my series, my Mona Lisa. This is my best theory yet. In this theory, I will tell you not only the true power level of the Shotgun Farmer (Quite surprising if you think about it,) the true breakdown of an actual power level point, and most of all, I will tell you YOUR power level. I'm so excited to do this that I can barely wait. I studied, beat my stupid head against the wall and cracked my calculator weary fingers for 5 hours straight, but I have brought this to you and hope you enjoy. I will try my best to break it down for you in a way that you can understand to the best of my own knowledge and ability. So be ready, world shaking knowledge is coming your way.

First of, I will tell you…

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Mr.Shenro117 Mr.Shenro117 18 January 2020

im sorry guys

im very sorry but im leaving this for a while. im not leaving for good, but i will be gone for a while. My grandma died and ive benn really depressed. I just cant do it. i have theropy and stuff like that. its just hard, so i hope u all inderstand why i have to leave. im just not ready. im so depressed and all this pain and other things getting mixed up in my head. i hope u guys a good life, cuz i dont know when i will return regular good ol Mr.Shenro117 anymore.  i am having trouble keeping up with life. i thank u guys for all your support, but i dont need it anymore. i wish u guys good luck on life, and i will see u guys in a while. 

i dont care who takes control over Moreni, Korino or who ever the girl i made up. but im leaving now, than…

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 11 January 2020

Where to read English edition Super Dragon Ball Heroes mangas?

Are there any sites that allows ya to read SDBH mangas UM and DDR I'm English? mangarock removed them recently.

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 5 January 2020

Basic Roleplay Rules

Basic Rules for Roleplay

These are not necessary, they're just an idea that I had that you could use if you wish. I've heard that there are some out there who are slightly upset with the imbalance within the roleplays. For those who would like to better eliminate this problem, here are some ideas that can help to better balance it out.

There should be a predetermined set of playable races. You may add to these, but this will help keep things simpler. First off is the Human. Then we have the Saiyan. Then we have the Namekian. Then there are Frieza Race. All sorts of other races can be added but have to fall under a similar catagory to one of these. Race of Hera for instance would act more like Saiyans, so they could follow similar rules with…

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PokeJoJo PokeJoJo 3 January 2020

How do I roleplay and how does it work?

Hi everyone. My name is PokeJojo and I'm new to this wiki. I see a lot of people roleplaying and it seems like fun. I have several questions about roleplaying.

How high can someones power level go?

How do battles work?

What do power levels do in a fight?

If I were to make an rp, what would the restrictions be?

If someone could answer these questions I would appreciate it!

If I were to host an rp, where would I host it? -PokeJojo (Yamcha Fan-Boy)

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Flashlock Animator Flashlock Animator 24 December 2019

Let's talk OC's.

So, I was doing an RP with my DB OC once, and the other guy ended up with his power level up into the quintillions without even hitting full power or anything (He was a half-G.o.D or something like that, I forget) while I was sitting there in the low-ish billions in my final form at full-power. I've since lowered my OC's power levels, but still.

Anyways, that got me thinking a bit. Why do people feel the need to make their OC's so strong? Why the cringy crud? It's like making your Saiyan OC a 'half-G.o.D half-demon Legendary Super Saiyan.'

Let me just get to the point. I wanna talk about how to make a more balanced OC and lower the cringe/OP-ness factor. I repeat, I want this to just be a chill 'constructive criticism' on OC's in general. No…

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 16 December 2019

Dragon Ball Fandom Prayer Request Page

Hey Fandom users! Ya Boi King Kai here! Like you I am a user of this and many other fandom wikis. However, as I've looked over the many posts by people that I chat with regularly,(and many I'm new to knowing) I see that many bear some form of pain that they feel unsure about. I feel for these people and wanted to make this page so that anyone who has any problem at all, no matter how big or how small can come and request prayers from all the other users. The only rule in the requesting of prayers is that you simply request a prayer. That's it. Just ask. You can leave as much or as little info about the problem or person you're requesting it for as you wish. God is all knowing. Even if we don't exactly know what it is that you're asking for…

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Big Sok Big Sok 7 December 2019

Dragon Ball Z, Super, and GT Power Levels


Oozaru= Base x10 Base

Kaioken= Base x1.5- 20

Freeza’s Transformations= Form x2

Super Saiyan= x50

Super Saiyan Grade 2= Base x60

Super Saiyan Grade 3= Base x75

Super Saiyan 2= Base x100

Super Saiyan 3= Base x400

Buu Absorptions= Buu+Absrobee

Cell Absorptions= Cell+ Android 17,and 18

Ultimate Gohan= Base x1,000-10,000,000

Base Gotenks= Goten+Trunksx10

Base Vegetto(Z)-=Base Goku+Vegeta x400

Super Saiyan God= Base x20,000

Super Saiyan Blue= Base x100,000-1,000,000

Golden Freeza= Base x1,500,000

Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken= Base x1,500,000-20,000,000

Super Saiyan Rosè= Base x50

Super Saiyan Rage= Base x500,000

Merged Zamasu= SSJ Rosè Goku Black x400

Base Vegetto(Super)= Base Goku+Vegeta x400,000

Berserker Super Saiyan= Base x250

Berserker Super Saiyan 2= Ba…

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ICarly13 ICarly13 7 December 2019

Newbie Carly


I am new to this fandom and would like to know if it's good. Like I've seen tiny clips but never could find any love towards it. Now I am sorta interested and would like to know if it's good!

Please don't judge me!


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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 4 December 2019

Timeline of the movies

As we know, none of the movies execpt the Bardock and Trunks prequels and Dead Zone are set in the canon of the original anime, and while Battle of Gods and Resurrection F are meant to be set in Kai's continuity, they were released before the Buu arc which retained bits of filler that conflict with that, as well as mention of extinction of dinosaurs when not only do they still live in DBZ universe, but one of them played a key point in leading to the Buu Saga. And Buu was present in Battle of Gods too. So we'll say they're set in an alternate universe where Frieza's hell was different and SOME explanation for the dinosaur thing. Same with Super.

But, this blog is about Movies 2-13, The World's Strongest through Wrath of the Dragon.

I'll say …

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Ultimate-perfection Ultimate-perfection 25 October 2019

Universal Survival Saga an all around Disappointment

Hello all I'm creating this post in relation to the final episode of the Universal Survival Tournment Saga that concluded a few weeks ago. I wanted to express my overall thoughts on this Saga as whole and see what the community offers as a response. This is also assuming your like me and have been following the Funimation English Dubbed edition of DBS. To me this overall Saga exemplifies all the issues that have plagued the sequel series following DBZ. To start at the beginning the tournament begins on typical stakes, lose this fight and life ends. Its almost as if blowing the stakes up to a "Whole Universe" is suppose to make this saga that much more impactful, but that's where the issues begin. DBS has done a very poor job of expanding t…

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SuperSaikon01 SuperSaikon01 22 October 2019

Saikon (OC)

This page is based off of my OC "Saikon". This characters is of course non-cannon. I hope this character becomes official one day, if it does then I would appreciate it so much. In order to fuse into Saikon, Saido and Dakon to the Fusion Dance.

  • 1 Basic Information
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Power
  • 5 Abilities

Saikon is 100% Saiyan. Saikon is also a fusion of Saido and Dakon (my two other ocs). They live in an unknown area in universe 7, they're exact location is not yet specified. Saido and Dakon was born on Planet Vegeta, before it was destroyed, they both managed to escape in a spacepod and land onto the planet earth. The age of them is unknown and they're gender is a male.

The upper body of Saikon contains Gogetas shirt since he's a fusion. Althou…

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GuyOnTheWeb GuyOnTheWeb 20 October 2019

Buu Sans

Buu sans is character that goes by many names due to translation issues with the anime and manga. He goes by Buu sans, Sans Buu, and even Majin Sans. Even with all these names, Sans Buu is his canonical name.

Buu Sans is just Majin Buu/Super Buu except instead of absorbing Gohan he instead aborbs a stronger being that is known as sans from the hit indie-game, UNDERTALE. With this new power, Buu is stronger than ever before. When Goku and Gohan fuse into Gokhan, all Buu sans does is constantly mock the two as he constantly dodges with no fatigue and counters each hit with either a Gaster Blaster or even Bones.

Sans Buu was awakened on October 7th, 2019 on Twitter when one person thought that editing an image into sans would not bring any attention towards i…

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Pseudo Super Saiyan Jake Pseudo Super Saiyan Jake 19 October 2019

Ultra Instinct Gogeta?

This might be a stupid question, but is Gogeta capable of accessing the Ultra Instinct form? If so, would it affect his fusion time limit?

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Gukenshi Gukenshi 18 October 2019

Any questions? Please, feel free to ask me.

I have created this blog to inform you guys that I am open to any questions or doubts, no matter how stupid you think they are. That is all for now. Regards, Gukenshi.

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BlackWolfJupiterSaturnSwagDude BlackWolfJupiterSaturnSwagDude 13 October 2019

Super Saiyan 5

Goku: I have something beyond 4, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ssj5. Everyone else: *gasps

The SSJ5 form, known as Super Saiyan 5, is a transformation only for saiyans and was only seen in Dragon Ball AF, Goku, and Vegeta had gotten this form. They had to turn ssj5 to defeat the evil Xicor, well, Goku's son. Imagine if they fused and got SSJ5 Gogeta! but that never happened, beyond ssj4 and we do not know if it is strong then ssjg, but you need to train a lot of your stats to get to reach this legendary form. It is a amazing transformation that is associate with ssj4.

When you first transform into ssj5, you will have white fur instead of red fur. Longer hair and the hair would be white, and you will have a white tail, yellow eyes, and your chest being the…

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Anime Guy 901 Anime Guy 901 13 October 2019

Dragon Ball Power Levels

This is a list of known and official Power Levels (戦闘力 Sentōryoku, lit. Combat Power) in the Dragon Ball universe. All of the levels on this list are taken from the manga, anime, movies, movie pamphlets, Daizenshuu guides, video games and stated mathematical calculations.

Power Level
Bardock - The Father of Goku

TV Special
Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

Movie 11

Movie 11

A Saiyan sniper
Movie 20

Movie 20

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Luigiman1999 Luigiman1999 1 October 2019


How did Frieza end up back in hell in Dragon Ball GT?

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Nemesislivezx Nemesislivezx 23 September 2019

Like Edit Move Wiki?

You Can Like Edit Move Wiki? https://move.fandom.com/

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Txori Txori 21 September 2019

Dragon Ball Devolution

Dragon Ball Devolution is a fan-made fighting game, tribute to Akira Toriyama for the tremendous work he has done in drawing the 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball series from 1984 to 1995.

It is NOT produced or under license from TOEI ANIMATION or FUNimation.

You can play it on your web browser at Txori's website.

  • 1 Overview
    • 1.1 History
    • 1.2 Music
  • 2 Gameplay
    • 2.1 Movements
    • 2.2 Protection and KI
    • 2.3 Attack moves
    • 2.4 KI blasts
    • 2.5 Powering up
  • 3 Special Abilities
  • 4 Playable characters
    • 4.1 Story characters
  • 5 Locations
    • 5.1 Story locations
    • 5.2 Side stories locations
  • 6 Game modes
    • 6.1 Training
    • 6.2 Story
    • 6.3 Side Stories
    • 6.4 Versus
    • 6.5 Tenkaichi Budokai
    • 6.6 Tag Team
    • 6.7 Janken
  • 7 Other options
    • 7.1 Jukebox
    • 7.2 Database
    • 7.3 Setup
    • 7.4 Credits
  • 8 Technical
    • 8.1 Requirements
    • 8.2 Savefile
    • 8.3 Playing with a gamepad
    • 8.4 Playing on …

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Callanball Callanball 20 September 2019

Are you alive?


This is Callanball.

I am broadcasting this message from a radio tower outside Central City.

Does anybody copy?

Is anyone still alive?

Are you okay?

Please, contact me.

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InvadeMajor InvadeMajor 19 September 2019

SSJ Blue

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Super Goku and Vegeta encounter Beerus, The God Of Destruction. You see, Beerus was looking for the ultimate fighter called "Super Saiyan God" Goku achieves this form then fights Beerus. Beerus still easily defeats Goku. Later in Dragon Ball Super Vegeta tells Whis to train him then later Goku tags in. After 4 months of training Frieza Shows up in his brand new Golden Form Frieza proves to be a strong fighter but then Goku and Vegeta show off their Super Saiyan Blue form and beat Frieza. 

After Goku and Vegeta fought Golden Frieza they start training longer to make sure they are strong just in case another fighter comes along. Later in the series they encounter Champa, Beerus' Brother who wants to have a tour…

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Dxrd Dxrd 31 August 2019

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 52 predictions

  • Vegeta and Irico finally land on Yardrat and are welcomed by a commotion of the locals about their presence.
  • Vegeta explains to the Yardrat elder that he is an ally/a friend of "the Saiyan whom they taught the Instant Transmission years aago" to earn their trust, and about Moro and his power and asks the elder to teach him a technique that can counter Moro's black magic.
  • The Yardrat assigns his best pupil (perhaps Soba) to help Vegeta in his training, while Irico contacts the Galactic Patrol HQ (where Buu is still asleep) about their recent trip and plan.
  • After devouring that GT monsters' planet which is finally named since Toriyama designed it in 1996 (and we also learn some of the other prisoners' names - this time it's the 3 females who co…
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Ssj4gogeta45 Ssj4gogeta45 23 August 2019

Broly being such a dumb character.

Now what I would like to know is that what was the whole purpose of Broly in the first place! So Broly remembers himself as being a infant and being right next to Goku while he's an infant and then he's gonna hear the other Saiyan's making fun of him because of Goku's crying making him cry. How is Broly suppose to remember that shit. Can't nobody remember from being an infant! Then Broly grow up losing it destroying planet's and shit and he finally meet's Goku. Goku start's driving him nuts over them being infant's which was dumb and then he start acting all mental and then when fighting broly they can't do nothing to hurt his ass. Vegeta get's hit one time and then it's over for him which was fucked up.

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YukaSama4 YukaSama4 23 August 2019


Hi , I have a question..

When did they mention that Cus is the oldest angel ?

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Dxrd Dxrd 21 August 2019

Was Dragon Ball Z/Super: Resurrection 'F' better if it was like that?

Instead of the not funny Pilaf Gang wishes, have Sorbet (whose power level is higher than any serving Frieza Force soldier to ensure his dominance) resurrect both Frieza (as depicted) alongside King Cold (Cold died by Future Trunks exploding him to bits, thus he was also resurrected in such condition and regenerated in the new medical machine).

While the 2 tyrants are healing/regenerating in the medical machines, Tagoma has his talk of concern with Sorbet about the two's necessity to their army outside the room where the 2 are being treated in, but Sorbet assures him that with Frieza alone on their side they'll reconquer "70% of the known universe once again", and that Cold's strength and strategic mind can lead them even further. Tagoma r…

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CiscoTheSoto CiscoTheSoto 11 August 2019

Super Saiyan God Gogeta vs. Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

This is just kind of a random question, but do you think that Super Saiyan God Gogeta would have been able to handle Legendary Super Saiyan DBS Broly? I think he would have, albeit while using the form's maximum potential and with difficulty, because Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta was able to dominate Broly without being hit with a single attack, and although his more powerful combo moves weren't able to kill Broly, they were powerful enough to stagger him. It was only thanks to Broly's unbelievable durability and stamina as the Legendary Super Saiyan that he was able to get back up. Any thoughts of agreement or disagreement?

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Ivan the Brony Kaiju Ivan the Brony Kaiju 16 July 2019

Dragon Ball Wiki Discord

Hey guys! I just made the Dragon Ball Wiki Discord!

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GokuBlack TheRose GokuBlack TheRose 9 July 2019

My Version Of Super Saiyan Multipliers (Includes Technics)


Oozaru: x10

Zarbon's Buff Form: x???

Frieza's 2nd,3rd & Final Form's: x2

Pseudo/False Super Saiyan: x25

Super Saiyan: P/FSSJ x 2 = x50

Super Saiyan Legendary Type: x60

Ascended Super Saiyan: SSJ x 1.5 = x75

Ultra Super Saiyan: ASSJ x 1.2 = x90

Legendary Super Saiyan: SSJLT x 1.5 = x90

Super Saiyan 2: SSJ x 2 = x100

Super Saiyan 3: SSJ2 x 4 = x400

Golden Oozaru: O x 50 = x500

Super Saiyan 4: GO x 10 = x5,000

Super Saiyan God

6 SSJ's = Initial Super Saiyan God x300

ISSG x 2 = Advancing Super Saiyan God x600

ASSG x 2 = Full Power Super Saiyan God x900

Super Saiyan God Essence

FPSSG ÷ 2 = Super Saiyan God Essence x600

Super Saiyan Blue

ISSG x 50 = Initial Super Saiyan Blue x15,000

ASSG x 50 = Advanced Super Saiyan Blue x30,000

FPSSG x 50 = Full Power Super Sai…

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Jaccab Smith Jaccab Smith 21 June 2019

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12

  • 1 I am a Big fan of dragon ball anime. Now dragon ball heroes promotional series is runing and the episode is released in 22 june 2019
  • 2 "Calling All Super Warriors! Universe 7's Decisive Battle!" if you are fan of Dragon ball super and want to see the Eapisode and the upcoming spoilers must visit this site.
  • 3 https://www.ragamers.com/2019/06/super-dragon-ball-heros-episode-12.html  
  • 4 If you want Dragon ball ball legends 1.35.0 clone apk you can get it from this link
  • 5 https://www.ragamers.com/2019/06/dragon-ball-legends-1.35.0-apk-cloned-.html
  • 6 Thabk you 

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