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Mikeiation Mikeiation 13 April

Hypothetical multipliers and more!

To be honest I don’t believe that multipliers should matter (they don’t) but this is just so people can have an idea of how strong forms can be and how strong they can make others.

According to my research:

As research shows, SSG may be a x20,000 multiplier minimum and SSB more than likely is x50 SSG. If that is true then its counterparts should do the same too like SSB2 or 3. So the multipliers shall be these. For simplicity's sake, since Blue Evolved stated to be the same multiplier as SSBKK20 that’s what will be used for less confusion. (This is all based on hypotheticals and headcanons though it should be taken seriously-ish)

SSG = 20,000

SSB = 1,000,000

SSBKK = 2,000,000

SSBKK10 = 10,000,000

SSBKK20 = 20,000,000

SSB2 = 2,000,000

SSB3 = 8,000,0…

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 12 April

Proof that SSJ4 is a Potential Unlock form


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Yami-Simp-2838 Yami-Simp-2838 8 April

My Gamertags

My Xbox Gamer tag is EnherjarEve, And my PlayStation Gamer tag is Evera_Von_stoy

But i mostly play on my xbox

I play Cod cold war, Borderlands,jump force online

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Dmsisco Dmsisco 26 March

What If…

Zamasu/Goku Black created Kid Buu for the sole purpose of causing destruction and killing mortals?

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SakuraBlossomLegends SakuraBlossomLegends 10 March

Just wholesome Spice

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AshtonEpic597 AshtonEpic597 1 March

Dragon ball Xenoverese2

How to get flying licence in DBX2:

some point in the story you will gain the ability to fly just hold the jump button to fly and left trigger button to boost for much more speed and is Good to reach High places.

How to get kaio-ken this one is very easy to obtain just complete parallel quest 8.

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Goldmechasonic Goldmechasonic 26 February

never mind

no memes

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Vegeku SSJB Vegeku SSJB 20 February

DBZ Power Level List

  • 1 Saiyan Saga
  • 2 Namek Saga
  • 3 Captain Ginyu Saga
  • 4 Frieza Saga
  • 5 Black Water Mist Saga
  • 6 Trunks Saga
  • 7 Android Saga
  • 8 Imperfect Cell Saga
  • 9 Perfect Cell Saga
    • 9.1 Cell Games Saga
  • 10 Majin Buu Arc
    • 10.1 Great Saiyaman Saga
    • 10.2 World Tournament Saga
    • 10.3 Majin Buu Saga
    • 10.4 Fusion Saga
    • 10.5 Kid Buu Saga
  • 11 Battle of Gods
  • 12 Resurrection 'F'
  • 13 Peaceful World Saga

  • Gohan: 1
  • Krillin: 206
  • Master Roshi: 139
  • Yamcha: 177
  • Tien: 250
  • Chiaotzu: 150
  • Goku (weights): 334
  • Goku (w/out weights): 416
  • Piccolo (weights): 322
  • Piccolo (w/out weights): 408
  • Goku (Kamehameha): 924
  • Piccolo (Special Beam Cannon first try): 1,330
  • Piccolo (Special Beam Cannon second try): 1,480
  • Raditz: 1,500
  • Gohan (Potential Release): 710
  • Gohan (enraged): 1,307
  • Mr. Popo: 300
  • Kami: 400
  • Piccolo (weights - training): 329
  • Goku (Zenkai): 900
  • Goz: 1,0…

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Vegeku SSJB Vegeku SSJB 19 February

DBGT Power Level List

  • 1 Black Star Saga
  • 2 Baby Saga
  • 3 Super 17 Saga
  • 4 Shadow Dragons Saga

  • Goku: 3,000,000,000
  • Uub: 3,000,000,000
  • Pan: 120,000,000
  • Gohan: 1,000,000,000
  • Goten: 100,000,000
  • Trunks: 110,000,000
  • Super Saiyan Goku: 150,000,000,000
  • General Rilldo: 30,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 Goku: 300,000,000,000
  • Dr. Myuu: 10,000
  • Baby (Infant): 50,000
  • Super Saiyan Trunks: 5,500,000,000
  • Baby (Teenage): 4,500,000,000
  • Super Saiyan Goten: 5,000,000,000
  • Piccolo (weights): 300,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan Gohan: 50,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan Vegeta: 150,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta: 300,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan Baby Vegeta: 165,500,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 3 Goku (suppressed): 90,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 Baby Vegeta: 325,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 3 Baby Vegeta: 1,300,000,000,000
  • Majuub: 650,000,000,000
  • Gold…

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Vegeku SSJB Vegeku SSJB 19 February

DBS Power Level List

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Goldmechasonic Goldmechasonic 18 February

day 1 meme

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Goldmechasonic Goldmechasonic 18 February


hello nothing new but daily meme here so don't miss it

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KONO DIO DA the 1st KONO DIO DA the 1st 17 February

Links to Rating of Antagonists

Part 1, Zabuza and Haku/Vegeta

Part 2, Beerus

Part 3, Tarkus and Bruford

Part 4, Gaara/King Cold

Part 5, Nappa/Dio Brando

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Jodette Jodette 15 February


  • 1 Lagoo
    • 1.1 Agulakoichi/Agula :
    • 1.2 Strengths :
    • 1.3 Weakness :
    • 1.4 Venom :
    • 1.5 Culture :
    • 1.6 Government
    • 1.7 History

Lagoo: Lagoo is a massive planet four times the size of earth trapped in an eternal winter its surface is an endless glacier, thriving underneath the ice lies a vibrant bustling world full of glammor finesse and wonder. Although completely submerged in water many variations of floral and foliage grow in the depths of Lagoo, most of which contain healing properties such as the blue lotus capable of healing any toxin or venom.

Agulakoichi, or Agula for short are the primary race of Lagoo found just about everywhere and anywhere, these beautiful pacifist mostly inhabit the large town of Bublia and take up work as farmers pearl divers shop owner…

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Noob019298 Noob019298 14 February

dbl char table

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KONO DIO DA the 1st KONO DIO DA the 1st 10 February

Back :D

Sup guys, I’m back I guess. Don’t have much to say. But I’m back :D

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KONO DIO DA the 1st KONO DIO DA the 1st 27 January

Taking a Break 😴

If your reading this, I made this because I’ll be taking a break for a minimum of 2 weeks or so. If your wondering why, its because I’m stressed about a lot of things, like my school work, my social life, if I’m making the right decision like this one. This isn’t like anyones fault on the wiki. Something keeps getting delayed cause of the virus, and today is the third time. I’m mad, sad, confused, I don’t even know anymore. I feel Fandom isn’t helping because I keep checking Fandom 5 times before even starting homework. It feels time consuming, stressful, and just people being kinda dumb. Again this isn’t really because of anyone, I just feel like I have to do this. So we’ll finish Tournament of the Memes, when I get back. And to everyone …

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Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas 18 January


(this is just random fanfics I'm gonna write often, so although it doesn't make any sense now, one day it'll be full of bad fanfics, I'm mostly writing this to learn how to edit on FANDOM, I'm also gonna sign each fanfic with date and time just to see the evolution of my writing and editing skills)

It was a slightly special day of January, Friday the 13th of the year 782 on earth to be exact, it was a snowstorm outside , kids were telling each other horror stories and having fun, anyway Goku was training dodging snow because he wanted to train his mobility 00:17, 18 January 2022 (UTC)

Krillin was doing his job as usual when someone rushed in his office, informing him that a building had been destroyed in the middle of the city, he flew there …

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 12 January

DBZ deaths least to most gruesome

I saw someone make a similar list, though I'm not sure I quite agree with putting Dodoria and Yamu above Zarbon and Spopovich. So I made my own list, though the top of both our lists is the same. I also include unnamed characters who stand out enough, one of which has the second highest spot. This will mainly going by the original uncut DBZ, but will make reference to edited versions and Kai. Will keep it limited to the DBZ show and not include movies or anything that doesn't have Z in its title.

  • 1 Offscreen
  • 2 Nature
  • 3 Physical attacks
  • 4 Hit by an energy wave
  • 5 Explosion
  • 6 Planet explosion
  • 7 Blown up by an energy wave
  • 8 Disintegrated
  • 9 Lack of air
  • 10 Neck broken
  • 11 Projectile / Beam through the chest
  • 12 Head destroyed
  • 13 Eaten
  • 14 Most brutal deaths

80: Pikkon, Olibu, …

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35Baragon 35Baragon 29 December 2021

Dragon Ball GT - Videl and the Para Para Brothers

Here's a story I wrote about how Videl would meet the Para Para Brothers.

(Set in an alternate timeline)

(The story starts off with Videl on the asteroid Beehay when she cross path with a race of giant worms known as the Mouma when four of these creatures surround her)

Videl: Whoa! These are some big worms.

(One of the worms started to attack Videl, but she flies up and kicks it, but no effect)

Videl: Huh?

(The worm headbutts Videl sending her to the ground)

(Videl gets back up and charges a Ki blast at one of the worms, but no damage when it was going to headbutt Videl, by she vanishing and grabs its tail, ties it up in a knots, and throwing the creature in a pile while doing the same to its comrades)

(Videl pushing dirt off her clothes)

Videl: We…

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NathanBROOOF111 NathanBROOOF111 17 December 2021



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KONO DIO DA the 1st KONO DIO DA the 1st 8 December 2021

Round 1, Match 1, 2, 3, and 4!

Gogeta SSJ4 VS. Dio Vegeta Match 1

Immediately Dio Vegeta try to do his most powerful attack . "YOU EXPECTED THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS, BUT ITS WAS ME DI-." Party popper noise...Dio: "AAAAAAAAAAAH!L

Gogeta wins!

Beebus Vs. DELETO BLUE! Match 2

They walk aeound in a cricle thinking of how ro attack. Beebus decides to be stupid and charge with uh what attacks does he have? Uh lets just say just wierd fire breath yeah. Deleto Blue pulls out a gun. "HAHA YOU FOOL!" Beebus is then deleted from existence.


SSJ Kirby vs. Mega clothes Match 3

Out of his head

Kirby screams. "POYO!" Kirby is twice as strong now... He has gone SSJ2! Piccolo stutters, "What the?" Kirby then pulls out the criss and slams it onto Piccolo's chest. Piccolo screams…

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The Sadistic Majin Buu The Sadistic Majin Buu 4 December 2021

Dragon Ball GT+!

Prologue Saga

Part 01

Part 02

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Part 03

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Yazoki Yazoki 1 December 2021

fssj and kaioken finished working on ssj and ssj2 moveset

there will be supers in his moveset to like kaiokenx4 and ssj kamahamaha for fssj

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 30 November 2021

Buuhan is Universal+?

(When Buuhan is Uni+, and you prove it) https://dragonball.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000197993

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It's the 737 world tourment! Everyone is stronger! And everyone is ready to rumble! But little did the fighters know frieza has been plotting to kill goku,he has been training for years non-stop after broly showed up,and has ascended so far he can destroy a universe in his first form by just walking on it! And in his final form it's even worse!,goku did not expect this though because he thought he was going to fight uub or some other guy, he never thought FRIEZA would come to a world tourment ever! Little did he know he was up against him first. Frieza said "This is the 737 tourment huh? Reminds me of the day when I killed that low class sayain! I think he was Bradock? I don't remember low class sayain's names a lot so anyways, goku I will…

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GokuBlack779 GokuBlack779 14 November 2021

Dragon Ball X

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

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Powergirl1 Powergirl1 2 November 2021

Yobrolli bogard The Queen of Brolys

Yobrolli bogard The Queen of Brolys

Yobrolli Bogard is a clone of Yolanda kikou, Broly, Cammy white, and Terry bogard by the evil insane scientist Dr.Plotline who created her to kill all who stand in her way and burn everything to the ground for power, world domination, and become stronger but after meeting Yolanda kikou she has a change of heart to the point where she teams up with Yolanda kikou on a Quest to restore peace to the world as it was years ago going from a very destructive clone to a kind hearted Anti-hero who wants to do what is right to seek redemption and 5 years later she became the Queen of Brolys.

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7slothJm 7slothJm 2 November 2021

Japeal Fusions (Growing Up)

On this blog, you can comment what characters you want to see grow up in Japeal Fusion. (Don't put any GT characters, I don't watch GT.)

Can't Wait!

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Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas Asljkadfjhbasdfujhioas 6 October 2021

What if dragon ball was in a cultivation world

Part 1 : https://dragonball.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000194917

part 2: https://dragonball.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000194923

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I like this wiki and yes I have a Discord. I mainly roleplay. (Sometimes.)

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Mtgreggs Mtgreggs 24 July 2021

Dragon ball Series Power Levels

Emperor Pilaf Saga:

Turtle: 0.001

Pocawatha: 1

Puar: 2

Oolong: 3

Bulma: 4

Sherman Priest: 4

Monster Carrot: 5

Pterodactyl: 7

Bear Thief: 8

Chi-Chi: 6

Yamcha: 9

Goku: 50

(Oozaru): 500

Mai: 6

Shuu: 6

Pilaf: 3

Ox-King: 150

Muten Roshi: 89

Buff: 139

Shenlong: 20

Tournament Saga:

Puar: 2

Oolong: 3

World Tournament Chairman: 4


World Tournament Announcer: 5

Launch: 6

Yamcha: 73

Ranfan: 14

Krillin: 97

Goku: 110

(Tail Regrown): 124

Giran: 71

Nam: 87

Bacterian: 14

Muten Roshi: 139

(Max Power Form): 180

(Max Power Kamehameha): 215

Goku (Oozaru): 1,240

  • 1 Red Ribbon Saga:
  • 2 General Blue Saga:
  • 3 Tenshinhan Saga:
  • 4 Piccolo Jr. Saga:

Suno: 1.5

Puar: 2

Oolong: 3

Dr. Briefs: 4

Mrs. Briefs: 2

Dr. Flappe: 2

Bulma: 2

Hasky: 8

Yamcha: 80

Krillin: 99

Commander Red Saga:

Ninja Murasaki: 31

Muten Roshi: 139

Goku: 1


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Dmsisco Dmsisco 15 July 2021

Dragon Ball Villains Ranked From Evil To Most Evil

1 (Least Evil). Android 16

2. Piccolo

3. Fat Buu

4. Beerus

5. Vegeta

6. Cell Jr.

7. Dr. Gero

8. King Piccolo

9. Van Zant

10. Cooler

11. Frieza

12. Super Buu

13. Cell

14. Babidi

15. Broly

16. Bibidi

17. Kid Buu

18. Moro

19 (Most Evil). Zamasu/Goku Black

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Dmsisco Dmsisco 13 July 2021

Villains I Made Up That Should Be In The Dragon Ball Franchise

Here are more villains (villains that I made up) that should appear in the Dragon Ball franchise:

1. Major Buu: An incarnation of Majin Buu who is created when Good Buu eats multiple donuts (not knowing that they are dog food flavored) but spits them out due to hating how they taste. Major Buu's personality is much like that of Majora from The Legend Of Zelda. He looks exactly like Super Buu, except that he is the size of a giant. Major Buu's goal is to destory the galaxy.

2. Muscular Buu: Another incarnation of Majin Buu who is created when Good Buu eats a weight in a gym (thinking it is food) but spits it out due to disliking how it tastes. As his name suggests, he is extremely muscular. Muscular Buu's personality is much like that of Musc…

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BlackGokuDB123 BlackGokuDB123 26 June 2021


Vegeta IV (czytaj: Wegeta, Bejīta [bedźiita], pl. w anime Vegeta, pl. w mandze Vegeta, fr. Végéta, ang. Vegeta) – jedna z głównych postaci serii. Saiyanin, książę planety Vegeta; mąż Bulmy., ojciec Trunksa i Bry. Na Ziemię przybył z Nappą w celu podbicia jej i zdobycia nieśmiertelności za sprawą tamtejszych Smoczych Kul.

Jego plan nie powiódł się. Ziemianom, na czele z wychowanym na Ziemi Saiyaninem Son Gokū udało się go powstrzymać. Przez względnie długi okres Vegeta należał do grona „czarnych charakterów” serii, jednak wraz z upływem czasu przeszedł na stronę Wojowników Z (pozostając dalej wiernym saiyańskim ambicjom) i pomagał innym bohaterom sagi, tłumacząc to tak, iż duma Saiyanina nie pozwala mu stać obojętnie, a wręcz nakazywała walczyć, …

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DeltaSquad5 DeltaSquad5 15 June 2021

What if Tarble was sent to Earth with Kakarot?

The following is a gathering of links to each page of this "What-If?" I've done involving Tarble and Goku growing up together on Earth - with my story mixing the events from the anime, movies and some of the games into a single timeline.
I will admit, I am also using some of MasakoX's ideas for this as he was the one who inspired me to do it - both with his series involving Gine going to Earth with Goku and due to the fact that he has described how Cabba has effectively replaced Tarble in the Dragon Ball storyline; not to mention including the character on both his "Weakest Characters" List and "Most Useless Characters" List.
So, like what MasakoX has done with Raditz in giving an underused character a chance to shine, I'm going to try and do…

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Habuba Habuba 15 June 2021

DBX Animation blog - workspace

So, im working on DBX animation trailer. Im working on pivot animator, and my workspace is kinda mess. But still, im doing kinda good job. I think i will finish trailer in week, stay tuned!

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HappyCat777 HappyCat777 14 June 2021

Son Set

Chiharu stared at the sea thousands of feet below. She knew that her twin brother, Gohan, was too scared to look over the edge of the Nimbus. However, her little brother, Goten, loved riding the Nimbus and wanted to learn to fly like the trio's father currently was. They were flying over an island now and landing there. It had a little pink house on it with the word KAME in big red letters.

As the Nimbus landed, two-year-old Goten tried to do a backflip off of it and landed on his head in the sand. Luckily for the toddler, he had a thick skull—both literally and figuratively. Chiharu hopped down and helped her brother of the Nimbus, and Goku landed next to the twins.

"Hi guys!" cried Goku. "It's great to see you again!"

"Are you running some …

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HappyCat777 HappyCat777 14 June 2021

Z Justice

Two-year-old Clark Kent was excited to visit his grandpa. The old hermit lived in a faraway place called Mt. Paozu. When his family arrived, they were surprised to see Grandpa Gohan holding a baby.

"Oh! Hello, Martha!" said the hermit. "I found a baby near a space pod! His name's Goku! Son Goku!"

"I assume you'll be adopting him, then?" asked Clark's mom. She herself had been adopted from an orphanage by Grandpa Gohan. Clark guessed it wouldn't hurt to have a younger uncle.

Clark was thirteen years old, now. Goku had been living with the Kents for three years. He called himself Clark's brother but refused to change his name to Goku Kent. He wanted to respect Grandpa Gohan's memory. Torashi was about nine years old and still stuck around the K…

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HappyCat777 HappyCat777 14 June 2021

My Unnamed Fanfic

Part 1

Cueco was surprised when he arrived back at Kame House, the place he'd come to know as his home eleven years ago. Was that... Kakarot? The little son of Bardock that he'd been unable to find all those years ago? Cueco landed right in front of Kakarot. A bald little boy and a blue-haired woman started freaking out that he could fly and had a tail. With some amount of horror, Cueco realized Kakarot's tail was missing. Then, Master Roshi came out of Kame House.

"Oh, Cueco! I see you've met my new students! They've been training here for about a month now!" said the old man.

"Kakarot, what happened to your tail?!" Cueco said, aghast and ignoring the older man.

"What's a Kakarot?" asked Kakarot. "My name's Goku! You have a tail, just like I …

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The Sadistic Majin Buu The Sadistic Majin Buu 2 June 2021

Dragon Ball Atonement S3

Part 1 - Awaken, My Masterpiece!

Part 2 - A Human's Evolution!

Part 3 - God of Thunder!

Part 4 - A Slice of Life!

Part 5 - Forgetful Memories!

Part 6 - The Ancient Saiyan!

Part 7 - A Frozen Wonderland!

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The Sadistic Majin Buu The Sadistic Majin Buu 2 June 2021

Dragon Ball Atonement S2

Part 1 - My Daily Routine!

Part 2 - A G.O.D.'s Training!

Part 3 - A Massacre of Higher Beings!

Part 4 - Yurin vs Ki-mai and Bonba!

Part 5 - Dead...Again.

Part 6 - Life Sucks in the Otherworld!

Part 7 - The Tournament Begins!

Part 8 - The Otherworld Races Are Awesome!

Part 9 - Limit Breaking Methods!

Part 10 - The Infamous Couple!

Part 11 - Roles Reversed!

Part 12 - The Demon God Awakens!

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Habuba Habuba 29 May 2021

OC wattpad part 1

Still making:


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Triss2345 Triss2345 25 May 2021

Message Wall

Feel free to send me a message here, I answer most of of them if I have time.

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The Sadistic Majin Buu The Sadistic Majin Buu 18 May 2021

Dragon Ball Atonment S1

Part 1: The Beginning

Part 2: The Tournament Continues...Or Does It?

Part 3:Ah, Youth!

Part 4:The Secret Unwrapped!

Part 5:The Aliens Attack!

Part 6:The Rigorous Training Regimen!

Part 7:The Hero Emerges!

Part 8:Potential Unlocked! Ultimate Power!

Part 9:The Multi-Race War Begins!

Part 10:All Hail Princess Bonba!

Part 11:First Battle, Begin!

Part 12:Official Alliance!

Part 13:The Battleground Is Set!

Part 14:"Stop Regenerating, Goddamnit!"

Part 15:The Saiyan's Resolve!

Part 16:The End...

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Derpy Cell Derpy Cell 12 May 2021


this form is achieved by putting more ki into SSJ2 and controlling yourself and your ki. It looks different from SSJ2 by making the lighting in the ora surround you and making it act as a shield. Its main increase is adding lots of durability. The shield's limits are if a ki blast that has a multiplier of at least 2 the shield will be surpassed but the moves power will be reduced to the level of a normale ki Blast. So basically every moves power multiplier is subtracted by 2. And if you punch it or kick it you will be shocked.

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Super Goku SSJ God Super Goku SSJ God 9 March 2021


I made the new SSJI (Super Saiyan Infinity)!

Power level: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

You need to have a pure heart to use this SSJ form.

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Jpedia Jpedia 1 March 2021


my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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TailsZooeyLosZorros TailsZooeyLosZorros 22 February 2021

Can wordgirl beat goku

No wordgirl is absolutely weaker than goku because goku would use the kamehameha and the ki blast and is a lot faster than wordgirl also she won't be able handle his attack and goku can actually dodge every attack from wordgirl than super sayian goku can easily defeat her.

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 13 February 2021

Dragon Ball Mysteries


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