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Blasters (ブラスター Burasutā) are gun weapons that fire weak Ki Blasts. The most common types of blaster are the arm cannon and the Ray Gun.


Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket is equipped with a blaster in its right arm. He uses it against Goku in Commander Red's apartments at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters.


A Cyclopian Guard charging its blaster

Arm cannons are blaster weapons used by the common soldiers of the Frieza Force. These weapons can kill the average person, but are completely ineffective against a person with a higher power (such as the Dragon Team). Many of Frieza's ground troops are seen with arm cannons while on Namek. Many of King Cold's troops also use arm cannons, one attempting to shoot Future Trunks, only for the blast to be effortlessly swatted away.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, the Cyclopian Guards use blasters that are fired from their claws.

Hyper-Meta Rilldo is able to fires a pink blast from a cannon in his arm.


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