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"This is the end, Saiyan!"
Goku Black before launching a Black Power Ball at Future Trunks.

Black Power Ball (ブラックパワーボール Burakku pawā bōru)[1] is an Energy Sphere used by Goku Black. This is one of his signature attacks.


Black charges the attack before being hit by Mai's flash grenade

The Black Power Ball is charged by one hand, creating a golden energy sphere with a core of black energy, creating a devastating explosion upon impact. When fired, the energy ball is completely golden with a black outline. Black uses Black Power Ball in creative ways, such as a hailstorm.


Goku Black uses this attack against Future Trunks several times during their battles in the future. One of which nearly killed Future Mai in his latest encounter. He also uses this attack several times against Goku when Black followed Trunks back in time, and used it to destroy Future Trunks' time machine.

After imprinting Goku's fighting style, the Black Power Ball becomes far more powerful, increasing its destructive capabilities. As Super Saiyan Rosé, the Black Power Ball takes on a pink color instead of being golden and can be converted into an Energy Wave. This version is called Divine Retribution.

Future Zamasu is also shown to use this attack, God Splitter, albeit in an indigo color.


Divine Retribution and God Splitter shown respectively.

  • God Splitter - Future Zamasu's variation of the Black Power Ball but indigo in appearance.
    • Heavenly Arrow - A energy barrage variant used by Future Zamasu combining God Split Cut and God Splitter, the former using the latter as a medium.
  • Divine Retribution - Goku Black's version of the Black Power Ball in his Super Saiyan Rosé state.
  • Continuous Black Power Ball - A rapid fire version of the technique, appearing as small golden ki blasts with black outline.
  • Holy Light Grenade - A more powerful version of the Black Power Ball, being larger and orange or purple in appearance.

Video Game Appearances

The Black Power Ball is named in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and appears as one of Goku Black's Super Attacks. It appears different to the main series however and acts similarly to God Splitter.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Legends Limited Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black (DBL33-02) has Divine Cannon as his Special Quirk Skill Arts.[2] Zamasu: Goku Black (Assist)(DBL41-04S) uses God-Rending Light Bullet as their Special Move Arts.[3]


  • Despite its name, it's not a variation of the original Power Ball, which is used by Saiyans to create artificial moons to instantly become Great Apes.



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