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"I couldn't very well keep losing to you Saiyans my whole life, so I needed a bit of a power-up. Meet Black Frieza. Achieving this form took plenty of toil, I'll have you know."
Frieza introducing his new form to Goku and Vegeta in "The Universe's Strongest Appears".

Black Frieza (ブラックフリーザ Burakku Furīza) is a transformation utilized by Frieza.


Concept and Creation

"You remember how much stronger Frieza was when he came back to Earth? What happens when he achieves a newer form?!"
Vegeta warning Goku of Frieza's potential in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The possibility of Frieza reaching a new form or level of power was first brought up by Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, with the threat of such an occurrence being the prince's reason for training.

According to Toyotarou, the reason Frieza's new form was colored black is because it is the only one that could stand above the gold. He jokingly compared it to a black credit card which is ranked higher than a gold one.[1]


Black Frieza color

Vegeta's vision of Black Frieza

As Black Frieza, Frieza's lower body, neck, tail and arms acquire a dark color, while his shin and arm guards and most of his head turn a dark silver, the former two continuing their new color onto Frieza's hands and feet. The rest of his torso and lower face region remains mostly unchanged, retaining Frieza's purple shoulder sections (unlike Golden Frieza).

Usage and Power

Frieza explains he was able to achieve the Black Frieza state when he discovered a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on a planet he conquered and trained within it for 10 years' worth of time, adding that it took plenty of toil to do so. Compared to when he first demonstrated Golden Frieza, he appears to have fully mastered the form and moved past any stamina flaw the form may have had by the time he unveiled it, due to the length of time he spent training upon acquiring the form.

Black Frieza's power is astonishingly high, the extent of which, according to V-Jump, cannot be measured. The form puts Frieza on a strength threshold in proximity to those of Gods of Destruction and allowed him to easily knock out both Goku and Vegeta, who had reached the realm of the gods.[2][3]

Black Frieza defeats Goku & Vegeta

Black Frieza defeating Goku and Vegeta in one blow.

During the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Frieza made the form known when arriving on Planet Cereal, rapidly switching in and out of the form to kill Awakened Gas with a single Ruthless Blow. He then formally unveiled the transformation to True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta before promptly knocking them both out at once with a strike to each Saiyans' abdomens.



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