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Bird-Poop-Boy is a living piece of sparrow feces.


Dr. Slump

Bird-Poop-Boy is born when Poop-Boy is looking for a friend, and the two quickly become friends. While they are walking around, they discover Manure-Boy, who is a bully at first but quickly becomes their friend when Poop-Boy saves him from falling into the river. On their journey, they meet Soft-Serve Ice-Cream-Boy who they mistake for a poop. They rescue him from the ice cream store and let him go his own way. While they lose hope, they meet Old Man Poop who tells them to find Arale's house, as she would know where to put them. On their way there, they are chased by a vacuum truck but are saved when Arale rushes out and breaks the truck. When Arale brings them to her house, she puts them in the toilet and says that it is their home. They enjoy it but are flushed down when Poop-Boy touches the handle wondering what it does.

Dragon Ball

General Blue Saga

Bird-Poop-Boy is seen standing next to Poop-Boy and Manure-Boy while watching Arale and the Gatchans race just before General Blue and Goku arrive.

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