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"Allow me to introduce you to the future, Master Roshi! They're my state-of-the-art Bio-Technical Warriors! Kishime! Misokatsun! Ebifurya! They're perfect fighters, trained in all schools of combat, and they're itching to show off what they've learned!"
Dr. Kochin in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

Bio-Warriors (バイオ戦士 Baio Senshi) are odd-looking biological warriors created by human scientists utilizing biotechnology. Two groups of Bio-Warriors appear in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Dragon Ball Z

World's Strongest

Main articles: Brutal Warriors and Bio-Men The first group of Bio-Warriors appears in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest. They were created by Dr. Kochin and included the Bio-Men and the three Brutal Warriors (Ebifurya, Kishime, and Misokatsun). The Bio-Men are defeated by several members of the Dragon Team, while the Brutal Warriors are defeated by Goku at Wheelo's fortress.


Main article: Bio-Broly

Two of Jaguar's Bio-Warriors

The second group of Bio-Warriors appears in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. They were created by Lord Jaguar's scientists (including Dr. Collie and Nain). This group of Bio-Warriors are quite formidable by human standards, but their power amounts to nothing compared to Android 18, Trunks and Goten, who defeat them at Mei Queen Castle effortlessly. The Bio-Warriors when first being activated also are required to stay put until the culture fluid fully drains in order for their physical form to set, as otherwise they become extremely malleable and deformed. This is best demonstrated with a particular bio-warrior modeled after the then-recently deceased Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

When Bio-Broly, the last Bio-Warrior created by Lord Jaguar's scientists, escapes, culture fluid rushes out and all the other Bio-Warriors are consumed and killed. The process used to create these warriors had a flaw in that their bodies could be dissolved by water.

Bio-Broly is unique among the Bio-Warriors as he was created using a blood sample acquired from the original Broly's Attack Ball by Maloja. Before coming into contact with the culture fluid, Bio-Broly resembled his source material and had access to the same mutation as Broly that allowed him to become a Legendary Super Saiyan though his transformation was far less dramatic than the original. He also had a tail though never had the opportunity to transform due to being kept indoors within Mei Queen Castle. However the clone was mostly mindless, however it retained Broly's hatred for Goku even inheriting Broly's habit of saying Kakarot!.

Dragon Ball Heroes

New Space-Time War Saga

In the manga, Dr. Wheelo unleashes a Bio-Warrior (similar in appearance to those used by Jaguar) to combat Krillin. However it is instantly take down by Hearts via Gravity Cage.

Video Game Appearances

Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, & Dr. Lychee's Bio-Men variants from Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dokkan Battle, the Bio-Men and Lord Jaguar's Bio-Warriors appear as enemies in certain game modes. The Bio-Men appear as enemies in the main story Quest Mode. Lord Jaguar's Bio-Warriors including Bio-Broly also appear as enemies in the story event based on the Bio-Broly film. Bio-Broly is the only Bio-Warrior with playable cards though his Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification form only appears as a boss. The three Bio-Warriors created by Jaguar's scientists that appear as enemies have a Type that matches their color (Green is TEQ type, Purple is INT type, and Red is STR type).

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Dr. Gero, Dr. Myuu, and Dr. Lychee are able to create their own Bio-Warriors in the form of Bio-Men variants. Dr. Gero creates the red variant, Dr. Myuu creates the dark blue variant, and Dr. Lychee creates the white variant. There is also a rare golden variant though it is unclear which doctor created them.


  • Many of Lord Jaguar's Bio-Warriors resemble Final form Frieza, Yamu, Spopovich, and Future Android 17 seen during Future Trunks' story featured in the episode "Mystery Revealed". On a related note, the manner in which Future Android 17 was created in Future Trunks' story is similar to the manner the Bio-Warriors were created.



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