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Bio-Androids are a species of Android enemies in Dragon Ball Online. The original member of the race, Cell, debuted within Dragon Ball Z. The race was recreated when the clone of Cell, Cell-X, moved to a cave behind a waterfall on Papaya Island and spawned many Cell eggs which hatched into variations of Cell's forms.



The original Bio-Android Cell is composed of the cells of Saiyans, Namekians, and members of Frieza's race that he may have passed to his offspring, clone, and clone's offspring. It is unknown what cells the Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans Bio-Androids and Genome are made from, since they are not confirmed to be related to Cell. Because of the Bio-Androids' organic nature, they are the only known Android model to be able to be sensed via Ki Sense.

Additionally, it is implied that Cell-X and it's Bio-Android offspring lack Goku's DNA.[1]

The New Type Android 21 possess the DNA of the Dragon Team, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu as well as numerous Human-type Earthling researchers.

The demonic Bio-Metal Mira is primarily of the Earthling and Demon Realm Races, but also possess the DNA of several other races. Fu possess all the DNA of Mira, as well as Towa, probably Mechikabura, as well as all of the other strongest fighters.

Life Cycle

Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

The life-cycle of the Bio-Androids related to Cell.


Peculiar Egg (brown), Half-Adult Cell Egg (green), Cell Egg in Evolution (purple)

The sentient eggs of Cell-X which appear in Dragon Ball Online are spiky, have one eye, small wings, and are colored brown, green, or purple. They eventually hatch into Larval Bio-Androids.


Pure-Cell Larva Worker (green), Pure-Cell Larva Collector (purple)

A ki specialist Cell larva

The form that most members of the race takes when they are first born, this form eventually matures into an Imperfect Cell. They are colored brown, green, or purple in Dragon Ball Online.

Imperfect Form

Mutant First Form Cell (green) and Soldier Cell (purple)

A form displayed by Cell in his original appearance, this is Cell's mature form without having absorbed the Androids. Future Cell was stuck in his Imperfect form due to the destruction of the Androids of his timeline. Imperfect Bio-Androids are also grown versions of Larval Bio-Androids in Dragon Ball Online; they are colored green or purple, the green ones with blue skin are Multi-Purpose Cell. The Attack of the Saiyans enemies Sandman, Yorgan, and Failed Experiment are slightly modified and recolored versions of Cell in his Imperfect From. In his normal states, Genome is in an imperfect form.

In Xenoverse 2, Perfect Cell is shown to be able to birth mature Imperfect offspring identical to his Imperfect form in appearance and personality. He creates one while training the Future Warrior as an instructor to act as a sparing partner to better gauge the Warrior's power.


Bio-Androids like Cell feed upon other lifeform's bio essence which cell can absorb and incorporate into himself via his Tail which can regenerate thanks to his Namekian cells thus removing it will not inhibit his ability to feed or absorb others. Cell can either inject his tail into his victim's body to absorb their bio mass which causes them to shrivel up, leaving no trace of the victim but their clothing , accessories, or equipment they may be wearing or carrying. Alternately Cell can absorb the victim whole by expanding his tail, which is how he absorbs the Androids. Perfect Cell could also briefly absorb Goku during the Super 17 Saga presumably due to him regaining his perfect form after losing Android 18 thanks to the Saiyan Power boost from surviving his Unforgivable! self destruction, which presumably allowed him to retained tail's ability to absorb bio essence and other beings due to self destructing while in his Semi-Perfect form. However other sources indicate he loses this ability after absorbing Android 17 & 18. It is unclear if Cell or his offspring require any food or water to survive, though like Earthlings, Saiyans, and Namekians, Cell can digest a Senzu Bean.

Due to her Majin genetic heritage, Android 21 and her fissions' diet is omnivorous though consists primarily of sweets. Android 21 (when her evil persona or insatiable hunger consumes her) and Android 21 (Evil) will also turn other beings into food in order to absorb them, much like Evil Buu. However Android 21 (Good) refuses to turn others into food due to finding it morally reprehensible and for fear that she will eventually given in to her insatiable hunger. Like with King Gurumes Blood Ruby mutation, Android 21 and her fissions insatiable hunger effects her mental stability and it is implied her Majin cells were simply beyond the Supercomputer's ability to incorporate into her properly as their magical nature is presumably beyond the understanding of Dr. Gero's mortal science. However the Android Majin created by the Time Breakers in Dragon Ball Online lack this problem, indicating knowledge of Demon Realm science is required to create Majin Bio-Androids that lack insatiable hunger. Due to evil persona giving into her insatiable hunger, she like Moro sees other lifeforms as little more than food, though she prefers powerful natural born fighters as the clones she uses as a backup food supply to satiate her hunger test terrible due to their artificial nature. Additionally Android 21 (Evil) is capable of consuming inorganic materials such as the remote for the Wave Machine, though she notes that they taste disgusting.

Similar to Cell, Mira can absorb Damage Energy to grow stronger and in Mira's case his core can absorb it to restore his physical body if it is destroyed, though due to his immobility he requires Towa's assistance. Mira can also use Energy Absorption to absorb a target's power directly.


Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

Main articles: Imperfect Cell Saga, Perfect Cell Saga, and Cell Games Saga

Cell from Dragon Ball Z

The original member of this race, Cell, was created by Dr. Gero and attempted to destroy the Earth, but he was vanquished by the Earthling-Saiyan hybrid Gohan. During the battle, he created several offspring called Cell Jr. which were also defeated by Gohan.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga In the manga it is revealed that the Cell Jrs. regenerated following their defeat at Gohan's hand. They were soon tamed by Android 17 and began living on Monster Island.

Other Dragon Ball Stories

Attack of the Saiyans

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, which is set at the time of the Saiyan conflict, three types of Bio-Androids appear as enemies: Sandmen, Yorgans, and Failed Experiments. Sandmen are found in the Desert and the Nemuria Ruins, Yorgans are found inside the Kiwi Volcano, and Failed Experiments are found in the East City Ruins along with Mad Scientists, Experiments #7 and Experiments #9.

Dragon Ball RPG

Main article: Dragon Ball RPG The mobile game Dragon Ball RPG features recolored versions of Cell known as Synapse (シナプス Shinapusu) and Cell Baby (セルベビー Seru Bebī) as common enemies.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes In Dragon Ball Heroes, among the three Android avatars, the Android Berserker Genome is a purple Bio-Android.

Dragon Ball Online

Main article: Dragon Ball Online

Cell-X from Dragon Ball Online

A pure Namekian with a Cell-type Bio-Android head shape from Dragon Ball Online

Cell is brought back by the Time Breakers as "Cell-X". Cell-X headed to a cave on Papaya Island, where he spawned many Cell eggs which hatched into variations of Cell's forms. Cell-X has his children collect more energy for him.

Additionally it is revealed that the distinct head shape possessed by Cell and the Cell Juniors is a Namekian genetic trait that they inherited from Piccolo's cells.

The Time Breakers are also revealed to have created a new type of Bio-Androids called Android Majins based on Buu's Majin subspecies. These Majin Bio-Androids resemble their Earthborn Majin counterparts and retain the race's ability to achieve their Pure Majin form.

Xenoverse series

Main articles: Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 In one Parallel Quest in Xenoverse 2, Cell's Time Machine goes off course and ends up during the Cell Games resulting in Imperfect Cell encountering Perfect Cell and the Cell Jrs. Imperfect Cell is pleased to discover the Supercomputer was right about his perfect form, while Perfect Cell looks down on his Imperfect self even calling him an idiot for ending up in the wrong timeline. Imperfect Cell even hopes to absorb Perfect Cell in the hopes he will become more perfect and manages to defeat his Perfect self with the assistance of the Time Patrol.

While training the 2nd Future Warrior as an Instructor, Perfect Cell is shown to be able to give birth to clones of his Imperfect form which he uses to help train the Future Warrior during one lesson.

"You know, who was that strange little youngster? I'm suddenly overcome with a great sense of unease... The power signature is neither demon nor human. It feels... constructed. Hmm. This is disturbing. If the scientific knowledge that can create a life force that powerful exists, I want it in my army!"
— Lord Slug comments to the Future Warrior after an encounter with Cell Jr. in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Lord Slug senses several powerful warriors while training the Future Warrior and decides to investigate it as part of their next lesson. They encounter a group of Cell Jrs. which Lord Slug tasks them with defeating. After completing the lesson, Lord Slug is filled with uneasiness by the power of the young Bio-Androids which he notes is neither demon nor human, before concluding it feels artificially constructed. However he notes that if scientific knowledge exists that can create a life force as powerful as theirs then he wants it for his army.


Main article: Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 is a new type of Bio-Android created by Dr. Gero's Supercomputer.[2] Using the cells of powerful fighters and Earth's most brilliant scientific researchers, Android 21 exceeded the power of Cell and became the leader of new incarnation of Red Ribbon Army. While naturally good, the incorporation of Majin Buu's cells caused her to develop an insatiable hunger and an evil split personality that cared nothing for anyone but herself and saw all other beings as food. The evil side had created countless clones, including of Cell.

The evil 21 is able to absorb Cell which causes her to transform into a more powerful form that inherits Cell's spots and causes her skin to become darker. The good 21 though weaker remains determined to stop her evil half. Though she is able to suppress her hunger, Good 21 fearing she will one day lose control, decides to sacrifice herself to help her newfound friends destroy her evil half ending the threat both posed.


Semi-Perfect Form

Main article: Form Change The Semi-Perfect form is a form that is used by the original Cell, as it is a midway between Imperfect and Perfect that can only be obtained when he absorbs one of the Androids.

Cell Max resembles a cross between the original Cell in this form and his Perfect Form.

Perfect Form

Main article: Form Change

Genome as a Perfect Bio-Android after using the Super Class-up

Cell attains a perfect form after absorbing Android 17 and Android 18. Cell Juniors (the offspring Cell) and Cell-X Juniors (the perfect offspring of Cell-X) also have perfect form since their birth. After using the Super Class-up, Genome possess a perfect form.

Cell's counterparts Present Cell and Future Cell never achieve their Perfect form in the manga or anime, but both take it in video games.

Saiyan Forms

Main articles: Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Third Grade, Saiyan Power, Super Saiyan 2, Berserk, and Super Fu Bio-Androids who are part Saiyan can utilize their Saiyan traits to achieve new forms.

Thanks to his Saiyan cells Cell can utilize the Super Saiyan form and it's third grade. He uses the Super Saiyan form when powered up and fighting.

After surviving a near death experience Cell achieves his Super Perfect form, which is his version of Super Saiyan 2. It is a significantly more powerful version of Cell's Perfect form. Although all of Cell's other forms changed his appearance drastically, this form only increases his energy output to a degree where his "skin" becomes a lighter shade and his aura crackles with bio-electricity.

The demonic Bio-Metal Mira gains the Super Mira form through anger thanks to his Saiyan cells. Upon absorbing his creator Towa, Mira gains a form that resembles a tailless Super Saiyan 4 with silvery white fur presumably due to the influence of his Saiyan cells. Fu inherits the Super Mira form from Mira whom is his genetic "father" as Fu is Mira and Towa's artificially created genetic offspring. Damira also inherits Mira's Super Mira form as a permanent transformation triggered by Dabura and Mira's EX-Fusion.

Dark Evolution

Main articles: Dark Evolution and Dark Dragon Ball A Perfect Bio-Android can take on a Dark Evolution when their Kili is mixed with Demon God power, this is displayed when Demon God Putine transforms Perfect Cell into Cell-X. In World Mission, Sealas uses an anomaly to cause Cell to take on Dark Evolution and transform into Cell-X while also being fused with Xeno Cell's Dark Dragon Ball.

God Power

Main articles: God Class-up, Super Saiyan God, Super God Class-up, and Super Saiyan Blue

Genome with God Power

Genome after the Super God Class-up

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Android Berserker Genome is capable of taking on a god state like all of the other avatars via God Class-up. His god state appears as a red version of the Perfect Bio-Android form and Genome's equivalent of Super Saiyan God.

By taking on a further power up using the Super God Class-up, Genome turns blue and his body alters somewhat. This form is Genome's equivalent of Super Saiyan Blue.

Ultra Instinct Sign

Main articles: Ultimate Class-up Sign and Ultra Instinct Sign

Ultra Instinct Sign Genome after the Ultimate Class-up Sign

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Android Berserker Genome is capable of achieving his Ultra Instinct Sign state like all of the other avatars via Ultimate Class-up Sign. While his appearance remains mostly the same as his Super God Class-up, his eyes become silver like most users of Ultra Instinct Sign.

Villainous Mode

Main articles: Dark Magic, Villainous Mode, and Supervillain

Villainous Mode Cell

In Xenoverse, Super Perfect Cell is granted third stage Villainous Mode when possessed by Demigra's Dark Magic during the Demon God Demigra Saga. It this state Cell gains red eyes with dark markings and a dark purple aura of Dark Energy which increases his power beyond what it was historically in Age 778.


In Xenoverse 2, Super Perfect Cell gains the second stage Supervillain form during certain missions or quests which gives him a glowing Time Breaker symbol on his head and glowing pink eyes while his carapace becomes pale and gains a metallic sheen along with a black and white aura of Dark Energy. Mira also gains the form by destroying his power limiter that keeps his enegy from overloading his body though in doing so he runs the risk of meltdown triggering him to self destruct which Towa theorizes could destroy the universe possibly even breach dimensions destroying the Multiverse or other timelines forcing Towa to consider working with the Time Patrol to subdue Mira to avert disaster.

Known Members of the Race

Genome, the Android Berserker from Dragon Ball Heroes

  • Sandmen – Bio-Androids in Attack of the Saiyans.
  • Yorgans – Bio-Androids in Attack of the Saiyans.
  • Failed Experiments – Bio-Androids in Attack of the Saiyans.
  • Cell – A bio-android created by Dr. Gero.
  • Cell Juniors – The offspring of Cell.
  • Cell Max - A stronger variant of Cell created by Dr. Hedo.
  • Cell Baby - Bio-Android in Dragon Ball RPG
  • Synapse - Bio-Android in Dragon Ball RPG
  • Super 17 w/ Cell absorbed – The form Super 17 takes after absorbing the Bio-Android Cell. The form appears in Dragon Ball Heroes only.
  • Genome – A young Bio-Android who is the Android Berserker avatar in Dragon Ball Heroes, and who was named in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.

Cell's offspring: Cell (First Form)

  • Cell (First Form) - An offspring of Cell identical to his Imperfect form, created in Xenoverse as a sparring partner for the Future Warrior.
  • Mira – A demonic android created by Towa, he is "The Universe's Forever Strongest Bio-Metal".
  • Churai
  • Fu - An artificial creation of Towa who possess the genetic material of Mira, probably Mechikabura, all of the strongest fighters as well as Towa herself.
  • Cell-X Jrs. – Perfect offspring of Cell-X.

Evil Android 21 (Cell Absorbed)

  • Android 21 – A New Type Bio-Android.
    • Android 21 (Good) - Android 21's good fission which represents Android 21's heart. Created as a result of Android 21's anguish over her role Android 16's death.
    • Android 21 (Evil) - Android 21's evil fission which represents her evil personality that developed as a result of some of her cells going out of control. Created as a result of Android 21's anguish over her role in Android 16's death ironically cause Android 16 was trying to prevent her evil persona from absorbing Cell. After separating from her good counterpart, the evil 21 absorbed Cell, gaining his spots and increasing her power.
  • Android Majins - Time Breaker Bio-Android Majins.
  • Synapse - A recolor of Cell that appears as a common enemy in Dragon Ball RPG.
  • Cell Baby - A recolor of Cell that appears as a common in Dragon Ball RPG.
  • Clone Cells – Fast grown mindless clones of Perfect Cell created by Android 21. The original Perfect Cell views them as little more than inferior copies.
  • New Cell - The ultimate warrior created by Gero during the Tournament of Time.
  • Ahms - Becomes part Bio-Android in his 2nd and 3rd forms thanks to absorbing Cell.




  1. Towa was searching for Goku's DNA, despite having access to the Bio-Androids, possibly implying they do not have it.
  2. If Android 21 and Cell are on a team, she notes that both she and Cell are Bio-Androids. When the linked soul interacts with her she says she is a new type of Android.

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