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Berry (ベリー Berī) is a character from Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, a spin-off manga created by Naho Ooishi. He is the son of Ipana, the doctor of a village on Planet Plant.


Berry is a short, purple Plantian with a horizontal oval-like head with eyestalks on the top. His head also features two small nasal cavities and a mouth. He wears a black vest with a gold outline and something of a white skirt, with a blue poncho with a yellow outline placed on top of it. He also wears light indigo shoes.


Berry is a very timid person, generally afraid towards any outsiders. However, he's still very friendly, shown by him bringing Bardock food routinely and trying to stop Chilled from attacking said Saiyan. He considers Bardock a close friend and trusts him with the fate of the Plantians.


Episode of Bardock[]

Berry brings food to Bardock

Berry brings Bardock food

Berry's father Ipana finds and heals the Saiyan named Bardock after finding him unconscious on their planet. After he kills Toobi and Kyabira, two soldiers of the Frieza Force who were threatening to take over the planet, Bardock leaves their house to hang out in a cave. To thank him, Berry visits Bardock in the cave and gives him a basket of food. He gives him more food and Bardock seems to be warming up to him over time.


Berry in the manga

While the space tyrant Chilled and his soldiers are disguised as members of the Space Police to trick the indigenous population into revealing what happened to his men, Berry remarks that Chilled has blood on his right arm (because he did not clean it after impaling one of his soldiers with it) and becomes suspicious of Chilled's true motives. Afraid, he goes to the cave where Bardock is hanging out and tells him that he has a bad feeling about the aliens in the village. When Chilled and his men start terrorizing the planet, Berry begs Bardock to help them. Remembering his friends' decimation on Planet Meat, Bardock accepts and saves Berry's father from the soldiers. When he sees Chilled, he confuses him with Frieza and angrily attacks him.


Berry smiling towards Bardock

When Chilled is about to deliver the finishing energy blast to Bardock, Berry rushes forward in an attempt to save him, so Chilled throws the Death Razor technique he was charging to Berry instead of Bardock, wounding him. Upon seeing this, Bardock thinks of Frieza and the death of his team, becoming furious and turning into the legendary Super Saiyan. They began fighting once more, and Chilled tried to ki blast Bardock to death, only to have his blast pushed back to him and get sent into space.

Shortly after Chilled is defeated, Berry is seen quickly recovering from his wounds and he is happy to see that both his father and the other villagers have survived. He goes off to see where Bardock has gone and is happy to see him alive as well, as Bardock is walking off into the sunset.

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