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Beast Roar is a Rush Attack and variation of Penetrate! used by Natz and minor Saiyan characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.


This technique is a rush attack that begins with the user powering up then launches a roundhouse kick followed by a punch then launches the opponent into the air with a knee strike before jumping into the air as they condense their ki into their right hand as the image of a Great Ape (representing the user's Saiyan potential) manifests behind them before they slam into and punch right through them causing an explosion.

Video Game Appearances

Beast Roar was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Fusions as a Special Move for Natz and as a learnable Special Move for Prika, Sesamy, Soga, Zukini, and their EX-Fusions. Tekka can learn it through EX-Fusion with a Beast Roar user. In addition to damage, the move has a chance of inflicting the Fear status effect which reduces Speed and causes Melee/Ki Blast power to drop.